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Festival '19! Come it! Challengers nationwide!

「Kanagawa Kamome "Short Story Theater" Festival 2019」

Kanagawa Kamome "Short Story Theater" Festival 2019 (nickname "Festival" Festival '19 ") will be held to foster diverse creative playmakers who will be responsible for the next generation as well as a 20-minute" short story " To do. For that matter, we are looking for participating organizations of 'Festival' Festival '19', so please apply for everyone involved in the theater.
* For details on how to apply etc please visit the official website .

Kanagawa Kamome "Short Story Theater" Festival 2019
■ Festival final selection ■
[Date and time] March 21, 2019 (Thursday, congratulation) - 24 (Sun)
[Venue] KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater Large Studio
[Jury Chairperson] Eri Watanabe (Actress), Satoshi Maruo (General Director)
[Participating Organizations] 10 organizations
[Grand Prize Winning Benefit] Prize of 300,000 yen and right to perform at HIKARI Youth Center Studio HIKARI (1 week)

"FestivalWanted participating groups in main competition "
(5 of them participated in the fight)
[Recruitment Period] October 1 (Mon) - December 5 (Wed)
[Screening method] We will select about five organizations of the finalist participation group by proposal documents, performance videos etc. submitted by the public recruitment organization at the executive committee.
[Selection results released] January 7, 2019 (Monday) (planned)
[Benefits to Final Participating Organizations] Assist in the range of 40,000 to 150,000 yen, taking into account the amount of travel expenses

"Recruitment of work participating in drama competition"
(Of which one work participates in the fight)
[Submission Period October 1 (Monday) - November 20 (Tue)
[Screening method] After the leading performance, the judging committee will make a public review of the five final selection targets, and decide on the Best Work Award.
[Screening date] December 15 (Saturday)
[Jury meeting place] Yokohama NEWS Harbor (Yokohama Media Business Center 1F -2-23 Ota-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama)
[Bonus for Best Work Award Winning Works] Prize 200,000 yen
* Theatrical company "Kaki eating customers" directed by Mr. Nakayashiki Mr. Noriyagi will perform the best work in the main festival festival.

"Recruitment of the 22nd Century Flight Frame (Kanagawa Prefecture High School Frame)"
(Participation participated in the main battle)
[Recruitment Period] October 1 (Mon) - December 5 (Wed)
[Screening tournament date] January 6, 2019 (Sun)
[Screening tournament place] Kanagawa Prefecture Kanagawa Senior High School Multipurpose Hall
[Benefits to winning group] Prize 40,000 yen, participation in festival main battle

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