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(Isehara)[Oyama Tofu Festival]


This popular festival is all about tofu and has long been held in Oyama. Large pots 4m in diameter are used to prepare “sennin-dofu,” and there is a speed-eating contest of small bowls of tofu, as well as stands where you can try making your own. The event brings the community together.


Oyama Tofu Festival
[Date]Generally held in mid-March
[Place]Municipal Oyama Parking Lot #2 (541-2 Oyama, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa), other locations
〈Directions〉30 minutes by bus bound for Oyama Cable from North Gate of Isehara Station on the Odakyu Line; disembark at last stop, Oyama Cable
[Participation costs]Free
[Hosted by]Oyama Tofu Festival Executive Committee
[TEL]090-2322-6599(Oyama Tofu Festival Executive Committee)
[URL] Tourism Association)

    Paid parking lot managed by Isehara City. "Oyama Tofu Festival" venue.

    [Access] From Odakyu Line Isehara Station North Exit, take the "Oyama Cable" bus for 30 minutes and get off at the end of "Oyama Cable"

    • Address
      541-2 Oyama, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      [Usage time] 24 hours * Motorcycles and motorbikes can be used only when there is an administrator. (From 8:30 to 17:00)
    • Parking Area
      [Regular vehicles] 44 units [Motorcycles] 6 units
    • Average Usage
      [Regular car] ¥ 1,000 [Motorcycle] ¥ 200 [Motorcycle] ¥ 200 * Once a day