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Top 4 Hakone Power Spots That Will Grant Your Wishes

(TOP Image) Fukuzawa Zeniarai Benzaiten (Image Source: Hakone Yumoto Tourism Association)


In Hakone there are several power spots which can ward off evil and bring luck, grant your heart's desire, and matchmaking. Here, we will introduce four power spots. We recommend visiting them when you visit Hakone.


【Power Spot 1】

"Hakone-jinja Shrine/Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine (“Shingu”(new Shrine) “Hongu”(main shrine))"

〈Prayers heard〉

Warding off evil and bringing luck/granting desires/victory/safe traveling/match making/family safety/business success

Hakone -jinja Shrine(Image source: Hakone Shrine)


Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine Shingu (New Shrine) (Image source: Hakone Shrine)

The miracle water called "Ryujinsui" gushes up in front of the syaden(Main Hall), where you can draw water. (You can also get a water bottle.)


Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine Shingu(Main Shrine) (Image source: Hakone Shrine)


Gateway of Peace, and Mt. Fuji (Image source: Hakone-jinja Shrine)



Hakone Motomiya (Komagatake sumit) Hakone Shrine, Okumiya Shrine(Rear Shrine) (Image Source: Hakone-jinja Shrine)


Hakone Motomiya (Komagatake sumit) (Image Source: Hakone-jinja Shrine)


〈Hakone-jinja Shrine Access〉Tokaido Line/Odakyu Odawara Line "Odawara Station"
60 minutes by bus for "Hakone-machi・Motohakone", 10 minutes on foot from "Motohakone" or "Hakone-jinja Shrine Entrance" stops

〈Hakone Motomiya Access〉
Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kannagawa Prefecture
Ride about 34 minutes from the Hakone Yumoto Station (T line),get off at the "Tohgendai" bus stop, change to the Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus (for Hakone-en) for about 15 minutes and get off at the "Hakone-en" bus stop, or the Komagatake Summit Station at Komagatake Ropeway, and walk for about 5 minutes


【Power Spot 2】

Fukazawa Zeniarai Benzaiten

〈Prayers heards〉Economic fortune

(Image Source: Hakone Yumoto Tourism Association)


(Image Source: Hakone Yumoto Tourism Association)

Facing the Hakone-tozan Railway Tonosawa Station, it is known for being a rare Benten location, in that you can take a picture of both the mountain railway and the torii at the same time from within its grounds. It is said that it grants economic miracles, and that when you wash your money in the water on-grounds known as "Benten Yusui" it will increase it by several times; those from the financial world and merchants alike pray here. They sell Daruma dolls and amulets known for bringing luck at the shop in the station.

〈Access〉right outside of the Hakone-tozan Railway Tonosawa Station


【Power Spot 3】


〈Prayers heard〉
Purification of the heart

(Image photo by HAKONE ZENZAN)

The largest waterfall in Kanagawa, in the middle of the "Hiryunotaki Falls Nature Seeing Trail", which passes through Hatajuku through Ashinoyu.

〈Access〉Get off at the "Hatajuku" bus stop after 15 minutes on the Hakone-tozan bus (K line) from the Hakone Yumoto Station, then walk 40 minutes.


【Power Spot 4】


〈Prayers heard〉
Purification of the heart

( photo by HAKONE ZENZAN)

This is a waterfall that falls across the bedrock, which is about 3 meters high and 20 meters across, in bamboo-like patterns. You cannot draw or drink from it.

15 minutes on foot from that "Kowakudani Station" Hakone-tozan Railway