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A duo recital of flute and harp with plenty of elegant sounds

鶴見区民文化センター サルビアホール Date: 2010.06.15
Only 23 days until the event

「Yamagata Yumi & Yamamiya Ruriko Duo Recital-A masterpiece of a gem that resonates with Mukatsuka-」

A duo recital by Japan's most popular artist Yumi Yamagata (flute) and young talent from harp, Riko Yamamiya (harp). Enjoy the elegant sound of flute and harp, one of the best combinations.

Tickets will be released from March 21 (Thu) !!
Yamagata Yumi & Yamamiya Ruriko recital
A masterpiece of a gem that resonates with Mukatsuka
[Date] June 15 (Saturday) 14:00-(Opening hours 13:30)
[Venue] Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama City Sal Beer Hall 4F Hall
[Casts] Yumi Yamagata (flute), Riko Yamamiya (harp)
[Circle] Mendelssohn: Fantasias by the Wings of the Song, Faure: Sicilianne, Piazzola: Cafe 1930, Andre: Nartex, Narita Teizou: Beach Song, Tournier: Fairy-Prelude and Dance (Harp Solo), etc.
[Price] (all seats specified) ¥ 3,000
[Organizer] Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama City
[Ticket sale] Please confirm details from the official site .
[TEL] 045-511-5711 (Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama-shi monkey beer hall)
※ Please refrain from admission for preschoolers.

  • Place
    Tsurumi ward culture center monkey beer hall

    Yokohama City Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center Sal Beer Hall is located in the complex 'Seklein' in front of Tsurumi Station. A hall that can be used for various cultural and artistic activities, a music hall suitable for musicians who enjoy the original sound of instruments, a gallery with movable panels, a rehearsal room, a practice room, etc. receive.

    • Shop / Place name
      Tsurumi ward culture center monkey beer hall
    • Address
      1-31-2 Tsurumi Chuo, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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      9: 00-22: 00 (Reception is until 21:00) 【Closed day】 3rd Wednesday (2nd Wednesday in case of public holidays), New Year holidays (12 / 29-1 / 3)
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      None (Parking is only available at a paid public parking lot. Please come by public transportation as much as possible.)