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Let's make "Aikawa 2020 Calendar" together!

「Good luck Aikawa-cho monthly photocon」

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This photo contest aims to raise the profile of Aikawa-cho and raise the sensibility of Aikawa-cho by recruiting Instagram photos of photos of Aikawa-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture surrounded by nature.

Good luck Aikawa-cho monthly photocon
[Date and time] April 1, 2019 (Mon)-March 29, 2020 (Sun)
[Application method]
■ Step 1 Please follow the official photo contest account @aikawaredcarpet ( ) on Instagram.
■ Step 2 Photogenic photos taken in Aikawa Town every month, including the title of the work, the shooting location, and the hashtag (# ○ Aikawa Town in the Moon #Aikawa Town Photocon), and tag the official account (@aikawaredcarpet) Post on the post. ※ ○ indicates the number of the month to apply.
* You can apply multiple times.
* Please submit one photo per application. If you submit more than one photo, enter the photo displayed at the topwill do.
① Among the entries submitted each month, the one with the highest number of “likes” is recognized as a monthly champion. Aikawa Town's "Aikawa Town 2020 Calendar" (Electronic Calendar from April 2020 to March 2021) will be published.
(2) The secretariat (Aikawa Town Office General Affairs Division Public Relations and City Sales Group) will select multiple entries from among the submitted works and publish them on the “Aikawa Town 2020 Calendar”.
[Result announcement]
(1) The monthly champion will be announced at the beginning of the following month (March champion on March 31).
(2) Entries to be posted on the Aikawa 2020 Calendar will be announced after April 2020.
[Applicant Benefits]
①Every quarter (April-June, July-September, October-December, January-March) draws a lottery from among the submitted works, and offers benefits to the two winners (1,000 yen for a book card) Will be presented.
② Aikawa-machi is really good! Club members (limited to those who have registered an application account) will receive 20 points per application. Member registration from here!
[TEL] 046-285-2111 (ext. 3221 / Aikawa Town General Affairs Department General Affairs Division Public Relations / City Sales Group)
* Please check the photo contest special site for details such as application conditions and notes.