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Tsuzuki Minka-en: Experience the History and Culture of Japan at a House from the Edo Period

Tsuzuki Minka-en 

Tsuzuki Minka-en was created by disassembling and moving the Nagasawa family residence that once stood in the village of Ushikubo in Tsuzuki-gun (now Ushikubocho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama) and furnishing it with a garden and tea room. The house is now run by a non-profit that is staffed largely by local residents. Events that allow visitors to experience a range of aspects of traditional Japanese culture close-up are also held here.

The house is located about eight minutes on foot from Center-Kita Station, which is on the Yokohama Municipal Subway. The house is also next door to the Yokohama History Museum, making it convenient and easy to find.

Seen here is the main room. The residence consists of a series of connected buildings, with a corridor linking the main house to the stable, which is found at the inner section of the property.
While the reconstructed buildings do incorporate some more recent architectural methods, they are also living examples of techniques that date back much further. For example, some of the pillars have been finished with the use of an adze, and there are pillars surrounding Doma dirt floor (entrance hall) that do not function as the central pillars of the building, showing this to be among the oldest of the surviving historic homes in Yokohama.

This spacious room with wooden flooring was used for time spent together as a family, as well as meals and visits with friends.

Once a stable, this room is now a display area for household items and other things that were used back when the house was lived in.

Another great way to spend time here is by sitting on the porch and enjoying the view of the park as the cool breeze floats in.

Next to the old house is a tea house consisting of a large room (Rin-tei) measuring 8 tatami mats (around 14.6 square meters) in size, and a smaller room (Kakuun-an) Sanjo daime or 3 and 3/4 (three-quarters) tatami mats (around 6.19 square meters) in size. On occasion, the tea house offers visitors from abroad the chance to participate in the tea ceremony. If you are interested in participating, please contact Tsuzuki Minka-en.

Tsuzuki Minka-en's brochure is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

Tsuzuki Minka-en is located on the grounds of Otsuka Saikachido Relics Park. At the neighboring Otsuka Saikachido Relics, visitors can see a rebuilt and restored circular moat, house, cemetery, and more from the Yayoi period (circa 300 BCE–300 CE). This is another attraction that is well worth a visit.

    This site features an antique minka house from the Edo period (1603-1868) known as the "Former Nagasawa Family's Private Residence." It also has a Japanese garden and a managerial building. It's sukiya-style tearoom “Rin-Tei and Kakuun-An” was built by the citizen of Yokohama, Machibushin.

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      Kanagawa Yokohama City Tsuzuki Ward
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      9:00 to 17:00 Closed days: 2nd and 4th Mondays (the next day if a national holiday), New Year's holidays (12/29 to 1/3)