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Historical Residence, Sagamihara: Roof Re-Thatched in 2019!

Historical Residence, Sagamihara (Kominka-en) 

In Sagami River Shizennomura Park are the rebuilt and restored priest's quarters from Seiryu-ji Temple. The building is now open to the public as the Historical Residence.

The entrance to the Historical Residence is a row house-style gate that has been built to mesh with the atmosphere of a classic Japanese-style house. Those who pass through the gate will feel as though they have been transported back to the Edo period (1603–1868).

Estimates place the construction of the Seiryu-ji Temple priest's quarters at the early 18th century, in the mid-Edo period. The house has dirt floors and is in the "tsuma-iri" architectural style, which in this case means that there are entrances on both of the gabled sides of the building. These and other distinctive design elements are mainstays of the buildings known as kuri, which can refer to either the living quarters for a temple priest and his family, or a temple kitchen.

While based on a layout and construction that it had in common with upper-class private homes of the early modern period (which included the Edo period), the Historical Residence also offers the chance to see features that are unique to temple priest's quarters. This precious building has been designated an Important Cultural Property of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Sagamihara Flower Arrangement Society, seasonal flowers are displayed in the tokonoma (raised alcove), a touch that gives the room a wonderfully elegant air.

The dirt floor room and reception room have no ceilings, allowing visitors to see the layout of the winding beams that traverse the length and breadth of the room.

The Historical Residence went about 20 years between restorations. During that time, large breaks formed in the thatched roof. In response, work to re-thatch the entire roof began in September 2018. As part of the process, the dirt floors and spaces under the eaves were fixed, and the fixtures were repaired.

The newly restored house was made open to the public in March 2019. You can now see the beautifully trimmed roof up close.

The Historical Residence is just one part of Sagami River Shizennomura Park. In the area around the house are the Four Seasons Stream, and a pond that gets plenty of sun, both of which offer fun in the water in a form that is safe for children. On top of that, seasonal pastimes like cherry blossom viewing in the spring and camping in the summer are also on offer.


    This is Sagami River ShizennomuraPark in Oshima, Sagamihara City. Relocated there and restored priest's quarters from Old Seiryu-ji Temple is thought to date from the mid-Edo period.

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