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A new sense of art experience felt from sight, hearing, touch and smell!

茅ヶ崎市美術館 Holding period: 2010.07.14-2010.09.01
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「The way to the museum」

(TOP image) う つ う つ》 HR MATHRAX (Kyosei Kuze + Eriko Sakamoto)

To express field work that utilizes "Inclusive Design" method

The area around Chigasaki City Art Museum is sometimes referred to as "easy to get lost" because of the intricacy of a long and narrow road. However, in a project called * MULPA (Marpa), one of the low visions said that they enjoyed the way to this complex art museum rather than enjoying it like a maze. Taking this into consideration, we will work with people with disabilities and people who are often regarded as minorities in order to capture from the different perceptions and values the elements that the roads around the museum are complicated and difficult to understand. Fieldwork was conducted continuously from 2018 to 2019.

In this exhibition, the artists who participated in field work create a new work that they create based on the experience of actually walking through Chigasaki and appreciate using all senses such as sight, hearing, touch and smell. In addition, from the collection of Chigasaki City Art Museum, works of Chigasaki by Kogoro and Koyama Kosan will be exhibited, and it will be a place where the images of artists who lived from different times will be intermingled. Through this exhibition, we shake the relationship between the "helper" and the "helper" over the disabled people and minorities, and beyond the existence of a disability, everyone lives with a different sense. From the perspective of being a “characteristic person”, we aim to be an opportunity to recognize differences, enjoy walking together, and recapture the value.

"Inclusive Design"
A design method that involves diverse people such as elderly people, disabled people and foreigners from the beginning of the process.

<< What is MULPA >>
(Public interest) A platform-type art project launched in 2016 with the call of the Kanagawa International Foundation. It is conscious of improving the accessibility to foreigners and persons with disabilities to the museum while connecting with various people and organizations. The official site istp: // "> here!

On the bank Ryosuke Hara

<< The scent palette of the road >> Kaori Inaba

音 Sound bell》 金 一 + 原 + + 岡

茅 Chigasaki walk memory cell サー ・ fan

"Shonan coast (late summer)" Kikuji Okamoto 1984 oil on canvas

"Swimming" Shingoro Shingo 1921

The way to the museum
[Date and time] July 14 (Sun)-September 1 (Sun) 10:00 to 18:00 (until admission is 17:30)
[Venue] Chigasaki City Museum of Art Exhibition Room 1 ・ 2 ・ 3
[Closed day] Monday (but opened on July 15th and August 12th), July 16th (Tuesday), August 13th (Tuesday)
[Charge] General ¥ 600, undergraduate ¥ 500, high school students and below ・ Those living in the city over 65 ・ Those with disabilities and their carers are free
[Organizer] Chigasaki City Culture and Sports Foundation
[TEL] 0467-88-1177 (Chigasaki City Art Museum)
* The official site of Chigasaki City Art Museum is here !

  • Place
    Chigasaki City Museum of Art

    Blessed with a mild climate, Chigasaki has been loved by many artists and cultural people as a holiday resort and resort. They work energetically in this blessed environment, leaving many great works. The Chigasaki City Museum of Art widely introduces artists and works related to these local areas at exhibitions, etc. and opened in April 1998 as a facility to support the creative activities of citizens. The Takasago Ryokuchi Park where the museum is built was once home to a new generation of actors in the Meiji era known as Oppe Quepe, Kawae Otojiro and Ryobi and his wife's residence and a businessman and Hara Yasusaburo's villa, but still leaves a good view of the past. You are There are full-scale Japanese gardens in the lush greenery throughout the four seasons, and it serves as a place of relaxation for citizens as one of the city's leading sights for viewing plums.

    • Shop / Place name
      Chigasaki City Museum of Art
    • Address
      Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 1-4-45 north east coast
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      (Summer season: April to October) 10:00 to 18: 00, (Winter season: January to March) 10:00 to 17: 00 * Admission is 30 minutes before closing. 【Closed day】 Monday (the next day for public holidays, the next day is closed), the next day for public holidays (the first weekday after the next day is a holiday), New Year holidays (12/28 to 1/3), temporary closed days (Day to do maintenance inspection and display change)
    • Parking Area
      There is a parking lot dedicated to the museum (free) facing the Takasago Dori. Please use public transportation because there are not enough cars (10 cars, no large car). If you are full, please use the nearby paid parking lot. For large vehicles (more than 6 meters in length), please use the municipal parking lot on the north side of JR Chigasaki Station. If you come by bicycle or bike, please use the bicycle parking space in the museum parking lot.