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Japan's first solo exhibition of Finnish designer Kai Frank

The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama Period: 2019.09.21-2019.12.25
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「Japan-Finland diplomatic centennial commemoration 30 years after death Kai Frank KAJ FRANCK-GEOMETRY」

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(TOP image) (from left) << 2744-12 cl >> << 2746 >> << 2718 en >> << 27449 cl >> Glass blown glass / Nutajarvi Glass Mfg. / Tauno & Risa Tarna Collection photo by © Rauno Träskelin

Kai Frank (1911-1989), called “The Finnish Design Rabbit”, is one of the best creators who brought many cores in 20th century design.

This exhibition will be Japan's first large-scale solo exhibition, the Finnish Glass Museum, Finland's only public glass research institution, and Tauno & Risa Tarna, who collects many products obtained directly from Kai Frank himself. This is an international traveling exhibition that is made up of collections and focuses on the geometrical modeling of the work. This exhibition, which is also Japan's first solo exhibition, will exhibit about 300 items, including products that are still well-known as long-sellers today, as well as glass works that are called art pieces.

In addition, when he came to Japan in the 1950s, he introduced the scenery of Japan and photographs of the people of Ichii, and the footprints of great designers who represented Finland and loved Japan. I will follow.

"Kremlin Bell KF500 / 1500" 1957–68 (1957) / Blown glass / Nutajarvi Glass Works / Tauno & Risa Tarna Collection photo by © Rauno Träskelin

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Salt Shaker 1951 / Pottery / Arabian Pottery / Tauno & Risa Tarna Collection photo by © Rauno Träskelin

《Exhibition Highlights》
1. Japan's first solo exhibition of a Finnish designer
This exhibition is an international traveling exhibition that focuses on geometric modeling by Kai Frank, who has been called "the conscience of Finnish design" because he has created many everyday products. Based on an exhibition held at the Finnish Glass Museum in 2018, this exhibition consists of the collection of the museum and the collection of Mr. Tauno Tarna, a designer who was deeply intimate with Kai Frank. 300 pieces will be exhibited, and representative works suitable for Japan's first solo exhibition will be introduced.

2. The first Japanese photo taken by Frank who loved Japan
Kai Frank has had a special interest in Japan since childhood and read books about Japan. In 1956, he fulfilled his long-awaited first visit to Japan and met many prominent craftsmen while visiting casual Japanese villages and potters and interacting with people and craftsmen living there. I paid attention to handwork and design. In this exhibition, we will carefully select and introduce precious photos taken on the date and time of visit, and see the gaze that Kai Frank has poured into Japan.

《1337》 Bowl Set 1955–61 / Blown Glass / NutajarVi Glass Works / Tauno & Risa Tarna Collection photo by © Rauno Träskelin

《KF486》 Goblet 1968–71 / Blown glass / Nutajarvi Glass Mfg./Tauno & Risa Tarna Collection photo by © Rauno Träskelin

Japan-Finland diplomatic centennial commemoration 30 years after death Kai Frank
[Date / Time] September 21 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) 9: 30-17: 00 (last admission 16:30)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Hayama
[Closed] Monday (open on September 23, October 14, and November 4)
[Price] General ¥ 1,200, under 20 years old, student ¥ 1,050, 65 years old and over ¥ 600, high school student ¥ 100, junior high school students and younger free, handicapped person (and one person in principle) free
[Organizer] Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, NHK Promotion
[Inquiries] 046-875-2800 (Kanagawa Museum of Modern Art, Hayama)
* If you are viewing the “Kai Frank” exhibition, you can also view the collection exhibition “Music to play sounds, see the sound” on the same day with the ticket for the exhibition .
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