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Touch the Bassoon Piano Harpsichord and Become a Friend with Musical Instruments

鶴見区民文化センター サルビアホール Date: 2019.12.08
Until: -46 days

「Special Christmas Concert ♫-Let's Become Friends with Musical Instruments by Touching the Bassoon Piano Harpsichord-」

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Up-and-coming artists will be working together close to the children. Supporting spaces with wonderful art for children What kind of instruments are harpsichords and bassoons? Let's get to know the mechanism of the instrument and actually touch it. Enjoy the Christmas song medley of the story style.

Special Christmas Concert ♫
~ Let's make friends with musical instruments by touching the fagot piano harpsichord ~
[Date] December 8th (Sun) 10: 30-11: 30, 13: 30-15: 00
* In the afternoon of ②, decorate the tree while singing a Christmas song.
[Venue] Tsurumi Kumin Cultural Center Salvia Hall 3F Rehearsal Room
[Performers] Masa Iwashita (piano), Hideo Wakasa (harpsichord), Mika Hoshino (bassoon)
[Songs] Scenes of children, red-nosed reindeer, Santa coming to town, etc.
* The songs may change.
[Target / Capacity] $ 0-3 years old, 35 people, $ 3-8 years old, 35 people
* Age is a guide. Even if you are over 3 years old, you can participate in the morning.
[Price] (All seats are free) $ 500 for adults and children, $ 600 for adults and children
* 0 to 1 year old free, 2 years old and over will be charged.
[How to apply]
■ Application at the Salvia Hall window (reception hours: 9: 00-21: 00) * Payment is by cash only.
■ Reservation by telephone (TEL: 045-511-5711 / reception hours 9: 00-22: 00)
* Please purchase tickets that have already been applied at the window on the day of the performance.
* Payment is by cash only.
[Organizer] Tsurumi Inhabitants Cultural Center Salvia Hall
[Inquiry] 045-511-5711 (Tsurumi Kumin Cultural Center Salvia Hall)

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