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Noita "Aizengawa" by Kanta Nakamori and Kyogen "Bunragi" by Nomura Mansai

Yokohama Noh Theater Date: 2020.03.12
22 days to go

「Noh Knowing Party Yokohama Performance-Miracle Play by Tenma Tenjin」

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The Noh Knowing Party Yokohama performance will feature the rare song "Aizengawa [Aisomegawa]" which depicts the virtue of Tenma Tenjin and the vivid romance of men and women under the theme of "Tenma Tenjin Miracle Play". The first half is a rare song with a very low frequency of performances, in which two women interact with each other via letters, and the second half turns to show the virtue of Tenma Tenjin. Kyogen will be performed by Mansai Nomura, who will play "Fuminai" in which Taro Kanji and Jiro Kanjin will engage in funny conversations over the master's love sentence.

At the beginning of the performance, Mr. Kenji Kobayashi, emeritus professor of the National Literature Research Museum, will talk about Nohgaku, including Aizengawa. Noh also has subtitles in both modern and English, making it a performance where anyone can enjoy Noh.

"Noh Knowing Party Yokohama Performance-Miracle Play by Tenma Tenjin"
Noh "Aizengawa" Kanta Nakamori, Kyogen "Bunkari" Mansai Nomura
[Date] Thursday, March 12, 14:00-(13:15 opening)
[Venue] Yokohama Noh Theater
Lecture: "Tenma Tenjin Miracle Play" Kenji Kobayashi (Professor Emeritus, National Museum of Japanese Literature)
Closed: “Oimatsu [Oimatsu]” Yoshiyuki Kanze, “Torioibo [Torioibune]” Yoshimasa Kanze
Kyogen: "Bunjo [not in the Fumi]" Mansai Nomura
Noh: "Aizengawa"
[Price] (AllSeats free) Front seats ¥ 7,000, side and middle seats ¥ 5,500 (seats can be designated for plus ¥ 1,000)
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