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Hachibee Hakase Moe-chan ... The last chance to meet a puppet play trio Zukoke !!

人形劇団ひとみ座 Date: 2020.03.29
39 days to go

「Puppet Theater Hitomi-za "Zukokeke Time Drift"」

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The "Zukoke Time Drifting Record", which has been seen by many people nationwide since 2011, will finally be the final performance this spring vacation. Hachibee Hakase Moo-chan's Zukoke triad travels back in time during the Edo period, encounters Edo's great inventor, Hiraga Gennai, and engages in a great adventure. This was the third installment of the "Zukoke Trilogy" series, premiered in 1993, and the "Ayashi Zukoke Expedition", premiered in 2000. The last chance to meet a puppet theater trio! ! Do not miss it.

Puppet Theater Hitomi-za "Zukokeke Time Drift"
[Date] March 29 (Sun) 11:00-14:00
* Performance time is 90 minutes (there is a 10-minute break on the way).
[Venue] Hitomiza First Studio
[Original] "Zukokeke Time Drifting" (author: Masanori Nasu, picture, Kazuo Maekawa, Poplar Publishing)
[Screenplay] Saburo Okamoto, Hiroki Nishigami
[Director] Hiroki Nishigami
[Puppet art] Yokota Sachiko
[Stage art] Masahiro Norimine
[Music] Ken Amamiya
[Performers] Hitomiza puppet theater company
[Price] (All seats free) General: ¥ 1,900, Child (4 years old-junior high school student): ¥ 1,600
[Ticket sales] Please apply from the ticket reservation form of the puppet theater Hitomiza.
[Organizer] Hitomi-za, Puppet Theater Company
[Inquiry] 044-777-2225 (Puppet Theater Hitomiza)

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      3-10-31 Ida, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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