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[Ticket present] "Spiral stairs" appeared in Magcal Theater!

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On July 21 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.), Odawara-based theater production "Spiral Stairs" will appear!
This time, less than a month before the actual performance, he infiltrates a rehearsal room where elevation and tension are mixed. We interviewed Shinichiro Midori, a writer and director, and talked about the highlights of the new work.

There are also ticket presents, so please read to the end!

How did the drama Produce “Spiral Stairs” rise?

The first time I entered the world of drama was a theater company called "Mysterious". Unfortunately, I stopped working, but I didn't want to leave theater at that point. That's why the drama Produce “Spiral Stairs” was launched with four friends. This is the 12th year.
Basically, I am responsible for writing and directing all the works. Everybody except me has a decent job (laughs) and I practice once or twice a week. Nevertheless, we perform new works twice a year.

How many members?

Currently, 12 to 3 members are registered as "Spiral Stairs". That said, not everyone will appear every time. Men who call out to each performance and raise their hands I write a script according to the appearance of the bar.
Usually there is no audition. This time, four regular members plus four guest performances from other theatrical companies will be on stage, but a total of eight people will be on stage, but it is also possible for people who do not have extreme stories or experience at all. I'll write a script for that person (laughs).

Do you have a troupe color?

I like various types of plays, so I don't have a particular tendency, but if I dare say, it's a story that will laugh, cry, and remember something. Every time I decide on a theme, I intend to create a stage where it can be communicated to the audience.

What does the title "Kishikan Mishikan" mean?

The title may be pulled from the story, or it may be decided based on the image. This time it is the latter. I decided on the sound of words.
When written in kanji, it is "previously seen and not seen". Dejavu and its antonyms.
If you feel like you already know the road you are going through for the first time, then you may not know it suddenly even though it is the same road as usual. I drew a little mysterious world like SF.
In the process of adding interesting and unexplained scenes, at the end everything is connected and a certain world comes into view. It is such a story.

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Please give a message to everyone who is looking at Magcal.

I would like to see the "Hello!" Customers. It's not a straight play, so I'd be glad if you thought, "Some people are writing such strange stories."
At first it may be Chimpunkampun, but as the story progresses, various things are connected, and the process is interesting. Lastly, I'm aiming for a stage where I fall down and say, "Oh, that's what it was."
I want young people, such as high school students, to watch it. I want you to know that the play is so free.


Shohei Fujii, a man who used to live as a salaryman. Every day, it was rainy day when I felt like I was on my way home for the first time.
An older woman, Tajima, suddenly talked to me. "Nice to meet you".
Fujii is stepping into a world he doesn't know, with a feeling that his everyday life will change dramatically.
The world where we live, we know but we don't know.
"How do you remember, nice to meet you?"

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Theatrical Produce "Spiral Stairs" 23rd performance
"Kishikan Mishikan"

[Date] July 21 (Sat) 15: 00/18: 30 22nd (Sun) 13: 00/16: 30
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center HIKARI (Multipurpose Plaza)
[Production and direction] Shinichiro Midori

[Performers] Masami Tashiro, Mikiya Rouki, Takuma Mizuno, Natsumi Otsuka, Hiroshi Oshima (Chireactors / Walpee), Iori Kimura (Chireactors), Aoi Terashi (TEAM IMITATION), Miyuki Okamoto (Miyukis)

[Price] Advance ¥ 2,000, ¥ 2,500 on the day, High school students and younger (advance only) ¥ 1,000

[Inquiry] Drama Produce "Spiral Stairs" TEL.090-2908-1920 (Tashiro)




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