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The entertainment of the 21st century "Pop Circus" Shonan performance ticket will be presented to 11 groups of 22 people!

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Gathering here, a world-famous performance!

Top performers gathered from all over the world will develop a powerful acrobatics from superhuman body! You can see the world-acclaimed high-level medal act, just a century of circus entertainment! You can only taste it now Do not miss this impression.

Pop Circus Shonan Performance
[Date] April 20 (Sat)-June 16 (Sun)
Start times vary from day to day. See the official website schedule for details.
[Venue] Shonan Monorail Shonan Fukasawa Station Special large tent
[Price] (Unreserved seat advance) Adults ¥ 2,700, Children ¥ 1,200, (Unreserved seats) Adults ¥ 3,000, Children ¥ 1,500, (Admission ticket with reserved seats) Adults ¥ 3,500, Children ¥ 2,000, (Reserved seats) Ticket <Admission ticket for unreserved seat + 1 reserved seat>) ¥ 800 * One admission ticket (unreserved seat) is required for each reserved seat.
[TEL] 0467-38-8826 (pop circus)
* Please check the official website for ticket sales information and event details, including "Popuchike Limited Sales".


The application for the present has ended. Thank you for many applications.

[Present application summary]
A free seat ticket for the “Pop Circus Shonan Performance” currently being held (until Sunday, June 16) at the Shonan Fukasawa Station Shonan Monorail special tent will be presented to 22 groups of 11 people.

【Application method】
If you would like to receive a viewing ticket, please apply using the application form below. We look forward to many applications.

[Application deadline]
Until 24:00 on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

[Lottery / winner announcement]
Winners' announcements will be replaced by the delivery of tickets. (A ticket will be mailed from Kanagawa Prefectural Cultural Section.)
* If the winner's address cannot be delivered due to unknown address, etc., the winner will be invalidated.
* We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than lottery.