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Kanagawa Prefecture's dance art “now” is gathered in red bricks!

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The Kanagawa Prefectural Arts Dance Association began in 1958 when nine dancers active in Kanagawa gathered to hold a joint dance performance. Currently, we have more than 250 members, and we are continuing activities to get more people familiar with art dance.
The “Red Brick Dance Art” held at the Yokohama Red Brick Building No. 1 is particularly noteworthy among the various performance activities, including competitions.

* From Nakamoto's work "Oden and Dance"

This is a performance aimed at nurturing young dancers and choriographers, and 14 groups will participate this year, the 10th. In a unique space where the audience's reaction can be felt directly, each individual dance is performed.

I visited the rehearsal held before the actual performance on Saturday, June 8, and asked up-and-coming dancers about their thoughts on dancing.

Yumi Fujii, who has been dancing since her childhood, is the reason why she dances in a relaxed manner with her mother being a dancer. This time, we will dance our new work “Drawing the Sky”. "alt =" "width =" 1600 "height =" 1068 "/>
“I feel that the stage of the red brick is a unique space where you can feel the ship moored outside, the sky and the sea that will last forever. The work of was created in the image of "ku". It's up to you to see how you feel, but if you look at my dance and feel some image, I'm happy if you can think of it somewhere. ''

As the top batter in the latter half, Reiko Ishihara and Yuya Yoshizaki appear. Both are up-and-coming dancers who were active in the dance group “Noism” based in Ryutopia (Niigata City Arts Center). This time, we will participate in the new “UMU” choreographed by Yoshizaki.

Mr. Ishihara's idea of wearing a mask is something that Yoshizaki-san came up with on the eve of the rehearsal.
“A white mask makes you think of an“ innocent existence. ”Thinking of an accident in which an unprotected young life is taken away unexpectedly, there is something that springs up in me. Wearing a mask adds anonymity. I thought that it would be a work that many people could sympathize with. ''

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“It's interesting that the person who sees the work feels that I didn't intend it and said,“ It looked like this. ”Because it is communicating with the customer through the work, I am interested in that.
I don't think contemporary dance has anything to do or wrong. What the viewers felt was the “correct answer” for that person. It is natural that the impression changes depending on the physical condition and mood at that time. I just want to see the stage without thinking and accept what I felt. ''

“UMU” rehearsal scenes are revealed!

Red brick Dance Art 2019

[Date / Time] June 8th (Sat), 2019 14: 00/18: 00
[Venue] 3rd floor, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1
[Price] ¥ 3,000
[Organizer] Kanagawa Arts Dance Association </ a>

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