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Plenty of charm of "Flamenco". Get 5 sets of 10 performance tickets for 10 people!

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Welcome to the world of flamenco born in Andalusia, Spain! This time, we will deliver flamenco dance mainly by four bailaora (female flamenco dancers) who are active on various stages. Not only the sound of the shoes striking the floor and engraving the rhythm, but also the dance that appeals to the whole body with the soul, Parillo (castanets), Abanico (fans), etc. add flowers, and various dances of flamenco, dance, sing, guitar Enjoy on the Trinity stage.

We are planning to share the splendor of flamenco together with many fans as well as those who are happy for the first time.

* This performance is intended to support the reconstruction of the earthquake disaster, and at the Giraldijo, which hosts the performance, we visit the disaster-affected areas and hold free concerts. The revenue from this performance is used for expenses (transportation, accommodation, etc.) for this activity.

Minako Mochizuki (dance <dance>)

Hisae Ueki (dance <dance>)

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Hideki Yamanaka (Flamenco guitar)

Flamenco charity concert
[Date] July 7th (Sunday) 14: 00 ~ (13:30 opening)
[Venue] Totsuka Inhabitant Cultural Center Sakura Plaza Hall
[Appearance] Minako Mochizuki (dance <dance>), Hisae Ueki (dance <dance>), Terra Takaseki (dance <dance>), Akiko Sasaki (dance <dance>), Hideki Yamanaka (flamenco guitar), permission court (cante < song>)
[Price] (All seats are free) Advance sale ¥ 2,000, same day ¥ 2,500
[Organizer] Hilardillo Secretariat
[Ticket sales]
■ Sakura Plaza reception (only for window sales)
■ Hilardillo Secretariat (You can make a reservation by phone or email below. Please pay the advance fee at the venue on the day.)
[TEL] 070-6632-8367 (Hilardillo Secretariat)
* Click here for the official site of Hilardillo !

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The application for the present has ended. Thank you for many applications.

[Outline of present application]
Followed and retweeted Magal Dot Net's official Twitter account “ @MAGCUL ” for “Flamenco Charity Concert” to be held at the Totsuka Citizens' Culture Center Sakura Plaza Hall on Sunday, July 7th (14:00) We will present viewing tickets to 10 people for 5 groups.

【Application method】
1. Follow Magal Dot Net's official Twitter account “ @MAGCUL ”.
2. Please retweet the ticket gift application post with “ #Fracha 77 ” posted from the official Twitter account during the following application period. This completes the application process.

[Application deadline] Until Monday, June 17th 24:00
* Retweets made during the above period are eligible for entry.

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Winners will be contacted after the campaign period via Twitter direct message from the official account of Maggal Dot Net.
The winning announcement will be replaced by direct message winning notification. At that time, we will confirm the name and contact information of the applicant, so please reply directly to the direct message. Please note that if a direct message is not replied for a certain period of time, the winner may be invalidated.
On the day <7/7 (Sunday)>, the name of the applicant and "Mug" will be received at the reception of the "Sakura Plaza Hall".Please tell us that you have been selected as a gift for Cal. The staff will give you a ticket.
* To confirm your identity, you may be asked to present a direct message of your smartphone's winning contact on the spot. (If you do not have a smartphone, please print out a direct message and present it.)
* The personal information received will not be used for any purpose other than lottery.

[Eligibility and conditions]
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    The Totsuka Inhabitant Cultural Center Sakura Plaza is a hall with advanced directing functions that responds to the growing needs of residents to enjoy high-quality art appreciation and high-quality cultural activities. A culture that combines a gallery with a high ceiling and a large practice room that can be used for various activities, as well as a `` practice place for residents to use easily '' and `` a place for presentations with advanced contents '' It is a facility.

    A hall with approximately 450 seats equipped with a Stein Weiful Concert Piano (D-274), a rehearsal room that can be used for production, a gallery boasting one of the largest in the city and a high ceiling, and suitable for practicing instruments and dance There are 4 practice rooms.

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