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The world's first! Ukiyoe 2.5D entertainment has landed in Yokohama!

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On Thursday, August 8, 2019, “Ukiyoe Cafe” opened in Yokohama. “Ukiyo-e Entertainment” is a stage that will be staged on the theme of ukiyo-e, which is very popular around the world, with dance, real costumes, and projection mapping. It is a show where children, adults, and foreigners can enjoy casually while enjoying tea and meals. Why don't you experience a fantastic ukiyo-e world that nobody has ever seen!
The venue is the first building on the 6th floor of Kanagawa Prefectural Hall. It is said to be a restaurant with a view of the port, and you can see the Yokohama port from the large window.

Various lineups from 500 yen for soft drinks and 600 yen for alcohol. From light snacks to Shokado bento, there is also an extensive meal menu. Since it is originally a restaurant, its deliciousness comes with origami!

Before the start of the show, there is a suspicious figure ... Performers and staff go around the venue and take photos of customers. What will happen ... it's fun at the venue.
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Warm up with talk and magic before the show. Visitors get involved and feel the air in the venue gradually rises.
Because it speaks in two languages, Japanese and English, customers from overseas seem to have fun. It has a stylish atmosphere like a Las Vegas theater restaurant.

And finally the show starts!
The performance group “Shiro A” has been performing various stages in 30 countries around the world. A first-class entertainer who won the first Asian Golden Buzzer Award in America's national audition program "America's Got Talent".

The stage where digital video, techno sound and dance performance are fused is unique and cool!

Let's take a look at the stage with plenty of charm!