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Tomohiko Tsujimoto x Mirai Moriyama "Kyuukaku Ushio" talks about a new work for the first time in 2 years! Ticket gifts!

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A performance unit led by Tomohiko Tsujimoto and Miki Moriyama. Two people who have always been at the forefront of the times since their launch in 2010 will appear in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 building with their new work "Take a Wonderful Chance" for the first time in two years. What are they seeking and aiming for?
In preparation for the new performance, a creation was held in May this year in Hazu, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. From October 28, we are planning to create in Hong Kong. Before we left for Hong Kong, we interviewed two people who bumped into the body at the training room.

* Mr. Tsujimoto's "Tsuji" has one point, but depending on the environment, it may be displayed with two points.

First, what is "Kyuukaku Ushio"?

Motoori Moriyama is a unit that we and Tomo (Tomohiko Tsujimoto) launched in 2010. This time, as an attempt, all nine people, including the staff, have become members of Kikuku Shio, and have been involved in the creation from a flat standpoint and are building works.
It is still necessary for someone to take the initiative when creating a work, which is the role of Tomo and I. However, I was worried that in the process leading up to that, staff members for lighting and sound, for example, often waited for instructions. Such a "vertical relationship" may be common in Japan, but I want to change it. Ultimately, even if we make a decision, we want to make the process leading up to it a flat relationship. We want to create a relationship where each of us can make proposals independently.

080; "> If I'm doing Tsujimoto , I want to do it continuously with an eye on the next 10 years, so I don't want to change members as much as possible.

Moriyama: In the workplace where we usually work, we often end up in a one-time relationship, where one work ends when it is dissolved. It is also an attempt to make the environment continuous and see how far the fixed members can work out their works.

The two have been together since 2010 , has the relationship changed?

Tsujimoto It has changed a lot. What has changed the most is that they have become more positive about their talents. Respect changes the way you speak and ask, and the way you make it. Of course, there was respect from the time I met, but there was also “denial” in the reverse. "It's great, but it's different."

Moriyama's criticism, or a critical perspective, may have been strong. I went to see each other's work, and each time I said, "How was that?" If you have such a relationship, why not try together? "Kyu Kaku Ushio" was launched with such a proposal from Tomo.

rong> Isn't there any criticism if Tsujimoto creates them together?

Moriyama: Indeed, the relationship has changed since we worked together in 2010. Criticism has been eliminated (laughs).

Tsujimoto isn't bad, but because he works hard on performing arts, I think he was more likely to be criticized than praised.

Moriyama: When I first met Tomo-san, I was inspired by a lot of things, and various words got caught in me, which became an element that made me imagine my body. From there, I gained a lot of experience and started my own performance.
Tomo is Tomo, who used to be a dancer herself rather than choreography before, but now she dances herself but she also actively choreographs. So, there is a sense of being involved from a different perspective than before.
In 2017, the last time I performed, I thought I was a different consciousness, and my experience was still low. For me, there was still a sense of tension in dancing in front of Tomo-san, and there were various dialogues in that, and the work that came out of it was interesting.
Two years after that. Now I feel a different dialogue is born.
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A feeling that you can understand without saying?

Moriyama: That's not true. I don't know unless I say it (laughs).

It's more like working together than criticizing and criticizing Tsujimoto . Because they have a feeling that they are making one thing.

Moriyama : I didn't mean nine people from the beginning, thinking that this would happen. At least I wasn't. However, by having nine people, I became conscious that the work does not move only with the relationship values between us. Some parts are seen from a bird's-eye view as the creator, while others have a point of view that is subjective. It's not that the tension in dancing in front of Tomo hasn't gone away, but there's another feeling that you have to start from there by confronting eight people instead of two.

I experienced rice planting work at the creation of Hazu in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture

Such as Tsujimoto rice planting and harvesting, I wanted to experience the Japanese came "movement of work". What we have been saying for many years now has finally come true.

Moriyama That's right, it was really nice to be able to camp with nine people. Agricultural work has become a distant place for us today, but I think that we are humans who have started up as agricultural people. Therefore, there are many everyday movements that are rooted in the soil. Considering that, "First you have to enter the rice field"There has always been a desire to experience what a Japanese body is like.

《In May this year, we performed an artist in residence in Hazu, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. On the last day, we invited people from the area we looked after to show in the rice fields. "

Are you swimming?

I'm not swimming Tsujimoto (laughs).

Moriyama: I wonder if I swim a little (laughs). What was surprising was that the mud did not taste muddy. I thought that if the water from the paddy field came into my mouth, it would smell like a spit, but I was surprised because there was no bad smell.

Tsujimoto: At first I felt like it was a bit dirty, but as I removed the weeds and cultivated them, I felt they became more beautiful.
And slimy. Although it is in the verse of Kawayanagi that all members wrote, I can not forget the action of "Humu Numuru". The steps you take when you step on your foot depend on whether you actually have the experience, and I think the meaning is different. Since I was paying attention to it, there was a sense of accomplishment.
Another. It wasn't shown in the video, but at that time there were customers around me and I was laughing. We express our body in a stoic way, but I'm glad we were able to do something exciting and interesting at both extremes.

Moriyama </ span> At the root.

I was glad that the people who watched Tsujimoto were pleased. I think that when he and I stand on the stage, he creates a unique sense of tension. In contrast, I feel that we have realized again that there are different attractions. I was able to put out the humorous parts.

What kind of work will this time be?

Tsujimoto My personal opinion is, "I'll make something I've never seen before, so come and see it." Because the definition of a new one is uncertain, customers may be confused, but I want to create something that is said to be "Oh, I haven't seen it."

Moriyama: What I want to aim for is "how can we make a phenomenon that can be done because we are facing the audience here in our work?"
Sounds abstract. Then in a word.
Please come to see the dance performance!

Tomohiko Tsujimoto
Born in Osaka Prefecture. He did not start dancing when he was a child, immersed himself in basketball from elementary school and achieved numerous results. He started dancing and snowboarding at the age of 18, moved to the United States in 1997, moved overseas, and became the first Japanese male dancer at Cirque du Soleil in 2007. After that, "Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour" successfully performed 485 performances in 27 countries. Currently, he is also active as a choreographer.

Moriyama Mirai
Born in Hyogo prefecture. He is an artist who is not tied to categorization such as theater and dance.
In 2013, he stayed in Israel for one year as the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and worked in European countries based on the Inbal Pinto & Avsalom Polak Dance Company.
Received the 40th Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Received the 10th Japan Dance Forum Award 2015.

"Welcome to a wonderful coincidence" (world premiere)
[Schedule] November 22, 2019-December 1, 2019
[Venue] Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 Building 3F Hall

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