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オモシロイ? ムズカシイ? ダンスと現代音楽のビミョーな関係を体験! チケットプレゼントも!
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Experience the relationship between dance and contemporary music! Get a ticket!

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"Arditi String Quartet x Kenta Kozaki (Dance)" will be held at Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall.

The Arditi String Quartet is a group of contemporary music specialists known for their super techniques. Kenta Kozaki is a contemporary dancer representing Japan who played an active role in the NDT (Netherland Dance Theater). It seems curious what they collaborate ... On the other hand, many people think that it may be difficult and high hurdles ...
Participated in the related project "Town Naka Talk Cafe" held at Yokohama Minato Mirai BUKATSUDO. Navigating by classic sommelier Yasushi Tanaka, we heard about Mr. Ozaki.

Experience the relationship between dance and contemporary music! Get a ticket!

Ms. Kozaki, who started ballet at the age of three, entered the world of contemporary dance after winning the Lausanne International Ballet Competition at the age of seventeen and traveling abroad. He was attracted to free creation without being bound by the rules, and joined NDT led by Ili Kilian.

What is the charm of Tanaka Contemporary Dance?

I longed for Kilian's choreography, as if it were a visual representation of the small music. A look at the sunset rather than the words, "It is beautiful", tell the body that it felt "beautiful". I couldn't say it well, but when I saw his stage, I felt like that and thought, "I want to dance this person's work."

Is it quite different from Tanaka Ballet?

Small Experience the relationship between dance and contemporary music! Get a ticket!

* In the latter half of the talk show, two songs, "Goldberg Variations (JS Bach)" and "Once upon a time" (Taro Hakase), were performed in dance.

Tanaka : Is there any music that is easy to dance or difficult to dance?

There is a small one . The song of Wolfgang Ream (1952-) dancing this time is just "The Contemporary Music". The sound is so crowded that there is little room for physical activity, and to be honest, it's hard to dance.
Since Reem was a young work, he has a strong feeling that includes the spirit of the times, Germany, which was divided into East and West during the Cold War, such as conflict and anger due to youth. I, always, but is better not issued the emotions, such as anger to the surface, this time, not stand become a not issued even conflict to be suppress explosions and it of emotion ... and much I think, is difficult music.

What was your first impression of Tanaka ?

Small㞍 Actually Because I don't usually listen to modern music, I was overwhelmed. Why did you make this song? What is this It was like that.
Experience the relationship between dance and contemporary music! Get a ticket!

It seems that there is a sense of tension when dancing with Tanaka performances.

Small right. It may not go as planned, but that is why communication with musicians lives. I think that is the real pleasure of live music. And this time, it's co-starring with the Arditi String Quartet, which is said to be the world's highest peak. looking forward to it.

Tanaka What do you want to see or tell?

Kozaki: When I first heard this song, I was just shocked and overwhelmed. But those shocking emotions are not just revealed in everyday life, but I think they are definitely in you. I want to express such feelings using my body.
That may sound lofty (laughs), but it's not particularly difficult. Everybody always has an emotion, so if you witness it, it will lead to familiar feelings like "Oh, that each".
Please experience it together.

<< A question and answer to Kenta Kozaki!
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How was the talk show?

In large theaters, the audience is too dark to see your face. It was very fresh and fun today that the distance to the customer was very close.

Where do you think about choreography outside of the studio?
A hot spring (laughs). Relaxing and listening to the sound of the water and looking at the sky in the open-air bath will organize your thoughts and bring together the ideas for movement.

Did you go to the hot spring again this time?
It's pretty hard, so I've already been there (laughs).

Do you like modern music?
Actually, I didn't like it much. Because there was a complicated and difficult image.
However, this time, I was able to get closer to me because I was taught how to read music and learned about the birth, social background, and history of the composer.
Experience the relationship between dance and contemporary music! Get a ticket!

How about this music (Wolfgang Reem: String Quartet No.3 <Chest>) ?
I've danced contemporary music before, but it's my first time to play such a difficult song. I ask a pianist friend to read the music together and check it while listening to the performance, but I can not understand where I do not understand even if I listen to it many times. I understand that I'm not good at it (laughs).
But that's why I enjoy stepping into new areas.

What are the highlights of this time?
The stage is where the performer, the customer and I can experience the same sound in the same space at the same time. From the perspective of "I'm listening to the same sound here now", I'd like to see dances that tend to be distant until now as close beings.
Whether the stream of the composer wanted what conveyed in music, I me to many parts do not know, the "cry" of young Reem felt through music, I believe When you come in speak in the body and music. I would be glad if you could replace it with the joy and cry you feel now and receive it.

In this concert, the songs of Toshio Hosokawa and Akira Nishimura, Japan's leading contemporary composers, are also programmed. Aside from the fact that you know or don't understand, why don't you experience the world of contemporary music, which can be said to be the world's most advanced!

Music hall Virtuoso Series 25
Aruditti string music quartetKanade Orchestra × small Kenta (dance)
[Date] November 30 (Sat) 15:00-(14:30 opening)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall
[Performers] Arditi String Quartet, Kenta Kozaki
[Price] (All seats reserved) General ¥ 6,000, Silver (65 and over) ¥ 5,500, Student (24 and under) ¥ 3,000
* Wheelchair seats available (1 free attendant)
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Experience the relationship between dance and contemporary music! Get a ticket!

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