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Holding a reading play of the 5 major Lako starring in the new multipurpose space Kosha 33

(TOP image) Five Ladders

On May 29, 1945, there was a massive air raid against the central area of ​​Yokohama by the US military. It is said that an attack by an incendiary bomb has caused about 8,000 to 10,000 deaths. Based on the true story of people who experienced this "Yokohama Great Air Raid", a new reading play was born. This performance will be held for the purpose of becoming an opportunity to deeply think about war and peace for many people through this work, speaking to the future the history which actually occurred in our town, we should never forget. Utilizing the location of "Kosha 33" opened in April, facing the Japanese main street "a place where many people gather", Yokohama Yumeza's vision, "Creating a city where everyone can easily feel theater" We will also develop it as part of efforts towards "
– ー ー 5 大 大子 child

Yokohama Yume Special performance
Reading play "turn over the skirt"
Giant Ladakura
[Date and time] May 29 (Tue) 18: 00 ~
[Venue] Kosha 33 Studio (Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Corporation 1F)
[Cast] Five Great Lakes, Matsui Engineer, Haruka Ito
[Work] Abe Yukari
[Piano] Abe tomorrow look
[Approach · Directing] Matsui Engineering
[Price] Free
[TEL] 045 – 661 – 0623 (Yokohama Yumeza secretariat)

"What is Yokohama Yumeza"
Inaugurated in 1999 with chairperson Five major Roko, "Let's send theater from Yokohama!" Yokohama Yumeza is a new type of theater group that can be said to be a "Yokohama style" that was born in cooperation with professional theater people, citizens, companies, and administration. Specifically, we planned and produced mainly the "Yokohama Dream Executive Committee composed mainly of the five Great Ladders", and created various Yokohama Yumesha Club (enterprises), administrative institutions, various citizen boys such as students and housewivesWith the support of Rantier, I requested to act as a professional actor, and each performance has come. The number of audiences increased as more times went on, and attracted attention from all over the country. This year marks the 18 th year since the beginning of the flag, I continue to dream a theater from Kanagawa to the world.

  • Area
    Yokohama Bay Area (Naka-ku and Nishi Ward)

Kosha 33

kosha33 is a multipurpose pace that Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation offers as one of the public roles.

We, Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation established "Kosha33" with the theme of "Life style renovation" as one of the official roles. Four spaces that took advantage of the location of "Studio," "Cafe," "Life Design Laboratory" and "Event Hall" were born in Japan Avenue in Kanagawa Prefecture. We aim to become a place where people gather and create synergistic effects by touching various cultures. We propose "lifetime rent" according to life design, and we will disseminate information about houses and living.

"Kosha 33 studio"
A rental space that can be used as a studio, gallery, event, recital, meeting room.

"Kosha33 Cafe"
Development of health menu · Cultivation of cooks · Regional rejuvenation, everyone's place of relaxation in Japan main street.

"Kosha33 Life Design Lab"
Contribution to nearby areas / areas in Yokohama, child rearing generation · Use as space for awareness of children's learning.

"Kosha 33 Hall"
Take advantage of the location of Japan Boulevard, please use it according to the scene such as various events / seminars.

  • Shop / Place name
    Kosha 33
  • Address
    Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama City Nihon-odori-Nihon-odori 33
  • TEL