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Alice, adults and children are crazy! To the wonderland of dance and Kotoba

Adults and children are getting lost Donor dance and wonderland of Kotoba! NHK Educational TV "Body at Asobo" and other popular dancers such as Moriyama Kanji and magical and pleasant dancers. Textbooks, costumes, music and other staff members who colonize the current era will unlock the wondrous, mysterious and nonsense "Alice" world!

Alice in Wonderland
[Date and time] July 29 (Sunday) 16: 30 ~, Monday 30th (Monday) 13: 00 ~ (Opened 20 minutes before each day opening)
[Venue] Mori's Hall is Shimomori Hall
[Cast] Koji Moriyama, Tomohiko Tsujimoto, Yamatake Shimajo, Naomi Shimji, Fumiya Futsumi, Maria
[Production / Choreography / Art] Koji Moriyama
[Original work] Lewis Carroll
[Text] Naoyuki Miura
[Costume] cracket in crack
[Music] Junichi Matsumoto
[Fee] (All seats free) Adult ¥ 3,500, Child (Elementary school student or under) ¥ 1,500, Oyako set (1 adult / 1 child) ¥ 4,500
※ Please refrain from entering children under 4 years old.
[Ticket Sales] ■ Ticket Move .net
<Ticket Pia> <Seven – Eleven> <Circle K. Sunkus> Please exchange. In addition to the ticket fee, a commission is charged. )
[TEL] 042-775-3811 (Forest Hall is a Shimomoto)
※ This performance will be held on the special stage on the stage. Take off your shoes when entering and appreciate at the audience seats installed on the special stage.

  • Area
    Prefecture area

In the hall of the forest

Mori's Hall Hashimoto is located at 7 · 8 F of the redevelopment building "Miwi Hashimoto" at Hashimoto station North entrance, citizens have been set up as a place for citizens to appreciate art, culture such as music and theater or practice artistic and cultural activities themselves . A calm space that was designed based on trees. The stage has plenty of room including the left and right sleeves, and the audience seating brings out excellent acoustic effects unique to medium size halls. "Use" "see" "listen" · · · The kindness to such a person is gathered here.

  • Shop / Place name
    In the hall of the forest
  • Address
    Kanagawa Prefecture Sagamihara-shi, Midori 3-28-1 Hashimoto Miwi Hashimoto 7 · 8F
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    9: 00-22: 00
  • Parking Area
    No (There is no parking lot for hall visitors.The municipal Hashimoto station north exit 2nd multi-storey parking lot adjacent to the hall can be used for 150 minutes for 30 minutes, but please use public transportation as it may be crowded There is no discount service at the parking lot.