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Let's play together "My Neighbor Totoro" 0 year old baby also OK!

(TOP image) Munich Shin Trio

That musical instrument that I used with musical instruments, in fact this is funny! Enjoy the adults and children with a fine ensemble playing with piano, recorder, keyboard harmonica

Let 's play "My Neighbor Totoro" together! Both adults and children are welcome! If you want to play together, bring a recorder or keyboard harmonica!

Children's music building vol.4
Music trio concert

[Date and time] September 8 (Sat) 14: 00 ~ (13: 30 opening)
[Venue] Ebina City Culture Center 120 Salon
[Appearance] "Trio Shinku Shitsu" Akira Naito (piano), Takuya Shimonaka (recorder), Shiori Sugaya (keyboard harmonica)
[Songs] From "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Nutcracker Doll", a wild medley, etc.
[Fee] (All seats specified) ¥ 500
※ You can enter from 0 years old (main subject is infants ~ elementary school students).
※ Free for 2 years and under the knee.
[Organizer] Ebina City Culture Center
[TEL] 046-232-3231 (Ebina City Cultural Center)

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    Prefecture area

Ebina City Culture Center

Ebina City Culture Center is used by citizens as "the base of cultural activities" of Ebina City. From now on I will wait for the citizen's "encounter" such as practice, creation, presentation, viewing · information gathering etc. of cultural art as a place of cultivation of community of Ebina City "City of cultural art" I will.

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    Ebina City Culture Center
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    Kanagawa Ebina Ebina City Megumi-cho No. 6 No. 1
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    【Hall time】 9: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Reception is open until 17:30) ※ Opening hours of hall etc are different depending on performances · entertainment. 【Closed Monday】 Tuesday (2 to 3 times a month), New Year's Holiday (12/29 ~ 1/3) ※ There are temporary closing days as necessary.
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