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Flower poetry from the four seasons of Hoshino Tomihiro, flower of the resin clay field · Nature art

Under full cooperation of Tomihiro Museum of Art, we exhibit flower poet paintings of different seasons of Mr. Toshihiro Hoshino of poet and painter. At the same time, I will exhibit the beautiful 'Wild flowers and wild grass art' like genuine using soft resin clay. Please enjoy the world full of kindness and love.

Tomohiro Hoshino with flower's poetry
Flower · Natural Grass Art Exhibition of Resin Clay Field
[Date and Time] September 11 (Tue) – 16 (Sun) 9: 00-18: 00 (Admission is until 17: 30)
※ The final day is until 16:00 (admission is until 15:30).
[Venue] Shinyousei Twenty One Hall
[Fee] General ¥ 300, less than junior high school students free of charge
[Organizer] Shinyurigaoka Hoshino Tomohiro's Poetry Art exhibition
[TEL] 080-1220-1465 (Shinyurigaoka Hoshino Tomohiro's Poetry Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony / Officer: Kosaki <Kozaki>)

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■ Opening Ceremony
People who come to the ceremony will receive "Yuzu of hot springs – Tonogami no yu". Please come. (First-arrival 100 people)
[Date and time] September 11 (Tuesday) 9: 00-21: 30

■ Special lecture
Theme: Impression is the power to live
[Date and time] September 11 (Tuesday) 11: 00 – (10: 30 opening)
[Cast] Seiji Seishi (Director, Tomihiro Art Museum)

■ Time of the afternoon "Talk & Mini Classic Concert"
Flute and ensemble concert by Showa University Music students.
[Date and time] September 11 (Tue) 14: 00-15: 00 (13: 30 opening)
[Capacity] 70 First Name

■ Toshihiro Hoshino spelling in music and recitation
[Date and time] September 12 (Wednesday) 14: 00-15: 00 (13: 30 opening)
[Cast] Yukiko Nishi (Song), Toshiko Takemura (Reading), Rie Kikuchi (Violin), Ayane Suzuki (Piano)
[Capacity] 70 First Name

■ Migiwa acoustic live
[Date and time] September 14th (Friday) 14: 00-15: 00 (13: 30 opening)
[Cast] Migiwa

■ Talk & Acoustic Live
[Date and time] September 15 (Sat) 14: 00-15: 00 (13: 30 opening)
[Cast] Noriko Koyanagi (Olive) with Cymbal

■ Field flower · Wild grass art experience Using resin clay, I will make "Tsukushi". Even for the first time it will be easy to make, so please take this opportunity to experience resin clay art.
[Date and time] September 13 (Thur) to 16 (Sunday) each day from 13: 00 to 16: 00
We are not holding during the concert of 9/14 (Friday) · 15 (Saturday).

  • Area
    Kawasaki city

Shinyousei Twenty One Hall

The New Yuri Twenty One Hall of Multipurpose Hall located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture can be used for various purposes such as lecture, exhibition, theater.

* It is blessed with a location 2 minutes on foot from Shin - Yorigigaoka Station on Odakyu Line, has a multipurpose hall accommodating 450 people, 2 meeting rooms, 3 training rooms and 2 practice rooms.

"Access" "Exit the north exit towards the gate of the Odakyu Line Shin-Yorigogaoka, and get off the stairs on the left. Continue straight ahead along the railway line toward Machida (Odawara), and the white building in front will be called" Shinyuri 21 "There is Shinryuri Twenty One Hall on the basement level 2 of the building.

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    Shinyousei Twenty One Hall
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    Kawasaki-shi Asuku-ku, Kanpukuji 1-2-2 Shinyousei 21 B2F
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    【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 21: 00 【Closed Monday】 April 23 (Monday), May 28 (Mon), June 25 (Mon), July 30 (Mon), August 27 September 25 (Tuesday), October 29 (Monday), November 26 (Monday), December 28 (Fri) - January 3, Heisei 31 (Heisei 31) Monday, January 28 (Mon), February 26 (Monday) Heisei 31, March 25 (Mon) of Heisei 30
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    Acceptable (Reservation method and fee are different depending on use room, usage method, so please see HP for details.)