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Actor Mikami Mikami invites to the world of Shuji Terayama with recitation and talk

As a related event of the special exhibition "Shuji Terayama Exhibition" to you in a single event "held at the Kanagawa Modern Literature Gallery on Saturday, September 29th, recitation of Mr. Hirofumi Mikami, actor and composer, Mr. Makoto Tanaka A talk event with you will be held.

Shuji Terayama Exhibition Memorial recitation and talk
"Hell version = sorrow autobiography / long wills"
[Date and time] October 7 (Sun) 14: 00 ~ (13: 30 opening)
[Venue] Kanagawa Modern Literature Museum Exhibition Hall 2F Hall
[Reading] Mikami Hiroshi (Actor)
[Talk appearance] Makoto Tanaka (composer, editorial member of this exhibition)
[Capacity] 220 people
[Rate] General ¥ 1,200 / Modern literature gallery friends' association \ 1,000
[How to apply]
■ Kanagawa Modern Literature Museum Museum Shop
Please purchase directly at the time of visit. ※ Please note on closed days.
■ postal transfer
In the communication column of the Postal Transfer Form provided at the post office, clearly stated "Reading and Talk on October 7", the desired number of sheets, address, full name, telephone number, membership number of members of the Friendship Council, membership number, Be sure to fill out clearly, please transfer the sum of the total amount of the ticket plus shipping fee of 82 yen (6 yen shipping fee is shipping 92 yen). I will mail back the return ticket.
Postal transfer account number: 00230-9-27919
Subscriber's name: (Public Goods) Kanagawa Literary Promotion Association
■ National Lawson Ministop storefront Loppi (L code: 34726)
· Telephone: 0570-084-003 (automatic voice 24 hours) / 0570-000-777 (Operator response 10 to 20 o'clock)
· Http:// (PC · Mobile Common)
※ Furthermore, at Lawson Ticket there is no Kanagawa Modern literature gallery friends' s / student discount.
■ Kanagawa Modern Literature Museum Friendship Association members will accept reservations only by phone (045- 622-6666). (9: 30 ~ 17: 00 on the opening day)
[TEL] 045-622-6666 (Kanagawa Modern Literature Gakuin)
※ We will close the reception as soon as the capacity becomes available.
※ Please refrain from entering preschool children.

* Please confirm here about the special exhibition "Shuji Terayama exhibition to you all alone".

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