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Go to Yokohama's deep culture street "Nihonodori"!

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Yokohama Deep Culture Street
There is a "road" that you want to peep into and want to have.
Yokohama Deep Culture Street
I asked the rumor and went to the place I always wanted to go.
"Yokohama is interesting!" There must be such a discovery here.

LET'S GO Nihon Odori !!
Immediately from "Nihonodori Station" on the Minatomirai Line. 5 minutes walk from "Bashamichi Station" and JR Line "Kannai Station"!

Immediately from Yokohama Port, there are many historical buildings including the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building. Walk along "Nihon Odori", where the rows of ginkgo trees that change color with the seasons are beautiful.

At the entrance of Elephant Nose Park overlooking Yokohama Port, a small light blue elephant "Perico" gives guidance such as prohibiting cars from entering. With this Perico as the meeting point, the walk will start as this time.

The best in the morning. The first stop was from Elephant Nose Park, Yokohama Port OsanbashiThe Yokohama Archives of History is located just off the International Passenger Terminal.

First of all, I would like to say hello to the "Mask Tree" depicted in the famous "Admiral Perry's Landing in Yokohama" in the courtyard. As expected, I feel the history of Yokohama.

I also saw the hall. The theme of the permanent exhibition room on the 2nd floor is "Talking about the city-Kaika Yokohama". Looking at my feet ... A map of Yokohama at the time of Meiji 14 is drawn on the floor. In the gondola, items related to the place on the map are displayed as "the beginning of Yokohama things". In addition, there is also a special exhibition room and a reading room where you can carefully read the materials. It is a spot unique to Yokohama, a city with an open port, where you can experience a long history from encounters with foreign cultures.
Yokohama Archives of History Museum
[Business] 9: 30-17: 00, closed on a monthly basis (closed the next day if it is a monthly holiday) [TEL] 045-201-2100 [URL] http://www.kaikou.city.yokohama.jp

We decided to have a morning at the cafe on the premises of the Yokohama Archives of History Museum. This is "Au jardin de Perry" which is open from 8 am. It is a restaurant where you can eat delicious mornings early in the morning in Yokohama, which everyone in the know knows. You can also enter the shop directly from this entrance without entering the Yokohama Archives of History Museum.

"Au jardin de Perry" is quiet and cozy, and offers a relaxing space from the morning. I immediately kept the table seat with the accompanying cameraman.

I ordered French toast <Pamperdu> made from my favorite French bread-! It was delicious ~ ♡

By the way, this is the one ordered by a male cameraman sitting in front of me! A honey toast topped with vanilla ice cream, about 5.5 cm thick, is a "honey toast". I'll ask for cute things from the morning ~ lol. Thanks to the kindness of the cameraman, I also shared the hem a little, but the bread was fluffy and delicious. I was able to spend a luxurious time from the morning.

Au jardin de perry
[Business] 8:00 to 17:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays to 18:00), closed on Mondays [TEL] 045-662-8345

Next, I headed to the "Broadcast Library" on the 8th floor of the Yokohama Information Cultural Center.

In the viewing hall on the 8th floor, programs and commercials broadcast in the past are open to the general public free of charge. Many people look at the monitor from the morning, and I'm surprised! Citizens gatherI understand that it is a popular spot.

If you visit the exhibition hall on the 9th floor, you will find a permanent exhibition corner centered on images and a special exhibition corner. At the corner where you can virtually experience the work of broadcasting stations such as switching cameras for newscasters and baseball broadcasts, you forget to interview and get excited !!

I was in good shape ... I thought I was a weather reporter, and I also had the experience of "chroma key compositing" using a green background and cloth to combine with other images. For 500 yen, there is also a service that will record the challenge of a newscaster or TV reporter on a DVD. Children's work experience is popular these days, but we also recommend this facility! Children and adults are welcome to visit with the whole family.

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Broadcast library
[Business] 10:00 to 17:00, closed on a monthly basis (closed on the following weekday in the case of monthly holidays) [TEL] 045-22-2828 [URL] http://www.bpcj.or.jp

Next, go to the "News Park (Japan Newspaper Museum)" on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Yokohama Information Cultural Center! In addition to permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions, the experience program of making my newspaper is also a popular museum.

This is a permanent exhibition collection gallery. In addition to the Meiji era Marinoni rotary press, which dramatically improved newspaper printing, Kawaraban, the first issue of newspapers, and old news cameras are on display. The rotary press, big and powerful, was insanely cool !!

There is also a corner that introduces the newspapers in an easy-to-understand manner. Among them, the experience game "Newspaper delivery game" where you can challenge newspaper delivery is popular, and students who came to the social studies tour on this day challenge one after another !! How many newspapers can you distribute in time !? Please try your best to try the pedals.
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I'm also waiting for "Bunpa-kun" who loves newspapers ~

News park
[Business] 10:00 to 17:00, closed on a monthly basis [TEL] 045-661-2040 [URL] https://newspark.jp/newspark/

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time this time, so I couldn't spend time slowly, but on the same floor as "News Park", the fashionable museum cafe "CAFE de la PRESSE" (cafe) with the image of "a cafe in Paris where reporters gather".・ There is also De La Presse).

The sweets look delicious, but the lunch menu is popular, and at lunchtime it seems to be quite crowded with people working nearby. If you go to lunch, fewIt is better to aim for an early free time.

[Business] 10:00 to 20:00, (Lunch 11:30 to 14:00), Monthly holiday [TEL] 045-22-3348

Here, we also decided to have lunch time. I visited the long-established Scandinavian restaurant "RESTAURANT SCANDIA", which is located on the main street of Japan in the direction of Osanbashi. I've been walking in front of me many times, but this is the first time I've been inside ♡

After getting lost from the lunch menu that is open from 11:00 to 16:00, I ordered "special roast beef" on this day. The mushroom sauce has a refreshing taste that Japanese people like, and you can also enjoy large meat. The paper place mat was also cute.
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The "Garden" on the 1st floor is recommended while enjoying meals casually like a cafe, but it is also nice to spend course meals and dinner time in the "Restaurant" space on the 2nd floor with a profound feeling ♡ Menus and prices vary depending on the floor It's different, so please check carefully before making a reservation !!

[Business] 11: 00-23: 00 [TEL] 045-201-2262

After filling your stomach, return to Nihon Odori again. Greetings to my favorite gallery, which I covered in another series before. "GALERIE PARIS" was relocated and opened in 2000 in this place, which was a renovation of a historic building in Yokohama.
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In contrast to the profound feeling of a building, once you step in, you will find a bright and spacious space. While sticking to the most popular white and square "white cube" in the exhibition space of contemporary art, it also features large windows that allow natural light to enter and a high ceiling that prioritizes "volume over square meters". A row of ginkgo trees peeking through the window is also part of the space

Galerie Paris
[Business] 12:00 to 19:00 (depending on the exhibition), closed on Sundays [TEL] 045-664-3917 [URL]http://www.galerieparis.net

Next, we went to "kosha33", which opened in April 2018 with the keyword "33 addresses that connect people, towns, and homes." When I stepped in and headed toward the person who could hear the laughter ... The "Sewing Machine de Workshop" was held at the "Life Design Lab" on the 1st floor.
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Participants are happily sewing while chatting with cloth and thread in their hands. Various events such as workshops, seminars, yoga classes, etc. are held here depending on the day, so check it out on the official website.

A symbol tent in the "Life Design Lab". It's OK for children to play! It's installed so that it can also be used as a nursing room. It's nice to be able to participate with parents and children.

Yuka Funamoto, the director of "Life Design Lab", also gave us a comment!

"Here is'MiIt's a living laboratory that you can make with your own hands. A place where you can gather here with your friends, alone, with parents and children, and exchange various information while touching on the topics of the city. It is a place where you can meet people with various values. If you have any interest in this city, please feel free to come and visit us! "

On the same ground floor, there is also a "studio" that can be used for performances such as concerts and plays, as well as for meetings and recitals.

There is also a "hall" on the 2nd floor that can be used for multiple purposes such as events and seminars where a large number of people gather.

There is also a "cafe" on the first floor. The interior of the store is calm and made of Odawara wood, and there is a table in the back that is made from a single tree. The "kosha33 blended coffee" that you can enjoy here is a cup that coffee lovers should definitely drink. Why don't you spend a relaxing time in a natural space while drinking a cup of coffee carefully prepared by UCC Coffee Academy Professional Certified "Coffee Professionals"?

The weather was nice and hot on that day, so our interview team had iced coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.
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In addition, it was a break for a while while cooling down with an affogato with a special espresso.

[TEL] 045-651-1842 [URL] https://www.kosha33.com

kosha33 cafe
[Business] 10:00 to 17:00

The weather is really nice on the day of the interview, and the flowers blooming in the flower beds on the street look good!

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The flowerbed fence on the sidewalk of Nihon Odori is designed to be used as a bench, so you can enjoy relaxing while watching the people passing by in the shade of the trees.

We also visited "THE BAYS," which opened in 2017, in a location called Yokohama Stadium in front of us.

[URL] https://www.baystars.co.jp/thebays/

This is a base for transmitting new initiatives as a pilot program for the Yokohama Sports Town concept advocated by Yokohama DeNA BayStars. There is a lifestyle shop and cafe on the 1st floor, and a membership-based shared office & core working space "CREATIVE SPORTS LAB" with the theme of "sports x creative" on the 2nd floor.

"CREATIVE SPORAt "TS LAB", everyone is silently screaming in the outdoor scene, even though it is indoors. People from various industries who share the same "I like sports" are using it, so it looks like there will be wonderful encounters!

If you have a meeting with your knees in the tent, you may come up with new ideas that were not born in the office meeting room !!

Move to the cafe on the 1st floor ... At "Boulevard Cafe & 9", you can eat soft drinks such as coffee and juice at the young player dormitory "Aosei Dormitory" of Yokohama DeNA BayStars 24 hours a day. You can also taste "Aosei Dormitory Curry".

Furthermore !! What you should pay attention to at the cafe on the 1st floor is a craft beer bar with beer taps using bats and balls !!
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The interview was nearing the end, so I drank alone while having "BayStars Ale" !! (Cameraman, thank you for taking the picture!)

Boulevard Cafe & 9
[Business] 11: 30-23: 00 (depending on the match date), irregular holidays

Finally, I went to "Yokohama Park" in front of "Yokohama Stadium" at the end of Nihon Odori. Anyway, it feels good to be surrounded by beautiful greenery! Sit on the bench, eat lunch, look at the pond, take pictures ... People who spend their time in the green gather together.

Looking at the pond in the parkWomen. "I'm healed every day watching the turtles swimming in the pond!" ... After lunch, it's a daily routine to stop by this park on a sunny day. However, there are really many turtles in the pond of this park !!

From healing parks to hands-on cultural facilities, citizens' gatherings, and wonderful restaurants and cafes. As autumn arrives, the ginkgo trees on the streets will be beautifully colored, and then the streets will be covered with golden carpets. You can take a break on weekdays and go out for a leisurely walk in autumn on holidays. Please walk along Nihon Odori to find a wonderful encounter.