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At Yokohama · kosha 33 studio. Powerful full mark, raw marimba concert !!
三神絵里子 マリンバ・ハンドパンリサイタル

A concert that you can enjoy the sound of marimba in earnest. In Japan, very rare "hand pan" will also appear. Translucent sound of a hand-bread that seeps into the ear. The raw marimba is delicate and powerful full mark! ! Even using six bees at a time, …. I prepared a special time that I am not sure about but it is only hard to hear here. To experience the variegated sound world, I went to Kosha 33 studio.

Eriko Sanjin Marimba · Hand Pan Recital
[Date and time] September 30 (Sunday) ➀ 14: 00 ~, ➁ 18: 00 ~ (each opening 30 minutes before the opening)
※ Both performances are the same program.
[Venue] kosha33 Studio
[Appearance] Eriko Samishin (Marimba), Yuki Okuno (co-starred with the alter saxophone / marimba and alto saxophone)
[Tune] Muramatsu Shuhei: Land, Keiko Abe: Fantasy of Itsuki with Akira Akira, Ayaka Yuyama: Divertiment for Marimba and Alto Saxophone, Michael Britt: Caritas, Hand Pan Solitaire, etc.
[Price] (All seats free) ¥ 2,000
[Booking · Inquiries]
[TEL] 045 – 651 – 1842 (kosha 33)
※ As there are limited seats, please reserve in advance.
※ At times of congestion, we will consider customers as priority.

  • Area
    Yokohama Bay Area (Naka-ku and Nishi Ward)

Kosha 33

kosha33 is a multipurpose pace that Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation offers as one of the public roles.

We, Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation established "Kosha33" with the theme of "Life style renovation" as one of the official roles. Four spaces that took advantage of the location of "Studio," "Cafe," "Life Design Laboratory" and "Event Hall" were born in Japan Avenue in Kanagawa Prefecture. We aim to become a place where people gather and create synergistic effects by touching various cultures. We propose "lifetime rent" according to life design, and we will disseminate information about houses and living.

"Kosha 33 studio"
A rental space that can be used as a studio, gallery, event, recital, meeting room.

"Kosha33 Cafe"
Development of health menu · Cultivation of cooks · Regional rejuvenation, everyone's place of relaxation in Japan main street.

"Kosha33 Life Design Lab"
Contribution to nearby areas / areas in Yokohama, child rearing generation · Use as space for awareness of children's learning.

"Kosha 33 Hall"
Take advantage of the location of Japan Boulevard, please use it according to the scene such as various events / seminars.

  • Shop / Place name
    Kosha 33
  • Address
    Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama City Nihon-odori-Nihon-odori 33
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