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Do you know Sugimoto Hiroshi 'Fukuhen.' Talks about? ~
第19回文化セミナー 「もっと、アートへ。~杉本博司を知っていますか~」

(TOP image) Winter solstice light worship tunnel and optical glass stage © Odawara Art Foundation

"Fukughen." Talks, Hiroshi Sugimoto and invitation to art.

Hiroshi Sugimoto is a contemporary artist active in the world. Last year I founded "Enjiura Weather Station" in Odawara. There is a facility of world artists in this Odawara. Even this alone is exciting.

However, there are people who do not understand art, they feel that it is hard to achieve. In this Cultural Seminar, I came to know Mr. Sugimoto from the 1980s and welcomed Mr. Yoshio Suzuki, an art journalist who made a special issue of Sugimoto Special in a whole magazine "Brutus" in 2005. While introducing Hiroshi Sugimoto's activities, Let me talk about clues to enjoy art and enjoy art.

Summer solstice worship 100 m gallery © Odawara Art Foundation

Suzuki Yoshio (art journalist · former Brutus deputy editor-in-chief)


The 19th Culture Seminar
"More to the art … – Do you know Sugimoto Hiroshi?"
[Date and time] October 8 (Monday · Holiday) 14: 30 ~ 16: 30 (14:00 opening)
[Venue] Odawara Citizens Exchange Center UMECO Conference Room 1 · 2
[Instructor] Yoshio Suzuki (art journalist · former Brutus deputy editor)
[Capacity] About 100 people (Pre-registration system · If available, participation on the day is acceptable)
[Price] Free
[Organizer] Odawara City Hall Cultural Policy Division
[How to apply] Please apply by telephone or e-mail to the Cultural Policy Division.
[TEL] 0465-33-1706 (Odawara City Hall Cultural Policy Division / weekdays 9: 00-17: 00)
* For details such as a profile, you can check it at the event HP in Odawara.

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