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Opening 5th Anniversary Exhibition Beauty Stars

Okada Museum of Art Holding period: 2012.09.30-2017.03.30
Ends in 9 days

「-A complete array of famous items such as Koto, Wakasu, Hokusai, Sakai-」

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Kitakawa Kayo "Snow of Fukagawa" (part) Kyowa 2 ~ Culture 3 years (1802-06) around Okada Museum of Art collection

In this exhibition, the stars who made the leading role at the exhibition held in the past gather. In recent years, Kitakawa Kayo "Snow of Fukagawa" and Wakato Ito "Peacock Samurai", which are miraculously rediscovered and topics, appear. We will be releasing it for 11 days from September 30th (Sun) to October 10th (Wed). It is only during this period that you can watch these two points at once. In addition, about 450 selected items including important cultural properties from a large number of collections such as Ogata Kotobuki, Katsushika Hokusai's famous paintings, illusionary celadon, jade, gem oriental ceramic, Buddhist art etc. You
Please enjoy the world of beauty where various specialties shine like stars shining in the sky.

<Point 1>
Beauty stars around the whole building 450 points!
Koji Ogata "Snow-matsuri fowl sketch screen" (part) The early Edo period The Okada Museum of Art

This exhibition is the best collection exhibition that brings together selected items from the fields that make up the Okada Collection, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean paintings and ceramics. At each exhibition, it is a unique opportunity to see the masterpieces of the stars and the masterpieces such as Kousuke, Wakasu, Kayo, Hokusai, Taikan, Haruka, and Mikoto in a single hall.

<Highlight 2> 9/30 to 10/10 Limited! The simultaneous simultaneous release of the song "Snow of Fukagawa" and Wakatsuki "Peacock moth"
Kitakawa Kayo "Snow of Fukagawa" (part) Kyowa 2 ~ Culture 3 years (1802-06) around Okada Museum of Art collection
※ Display period: September 30 (Sun)-December 28 (Fri)

Kitakawa Kayo "Snow of Fukagawa", which re-released for the first time in 62 years as a work that has attracted a great deal of attention in the past special exhibitions, and Ito that revived beyond the time of 83 in 2016 There is a Wakatsuki "Peacock eyebrow drawing". In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the opening, we have created an opportunity to see these two major works together. Simultaneous exhibition is the first attempt since the opening. In addition to this, many famous artists such as Maruyama Otoken and Katsushika Hokusai will also appear.

<Point 3>
The ink painting of the gem by Taikan, Gyoshu, Kodai, and Lee Sun

Masao ・ Lee Wei “祘” (part) Korea ・Korea era Okada Museum of Art collection

As an introduction to the hidden specialties of the Okada Collection, we will feature ink painting. In Japanese paintings, three points of Yokoyama Taikan "Reiamine One Letter", Hayami Gojo "Kuren (Haruson Reika)" and Kobayashi Ancient Diameter "Wheat" are attracting attention. All of them are drawn in the year 1926, the first year of the new era. Also, in Korean paintings, we will exhibit the “葡萄” drawn by the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty, Joseo and Lee.

<Point 4>
Unprecedented Japan's leading oriental ceramic collection
(Important cultural property) Ogata Aruyama "Color picture Tatsutagawa Bunto carved reed" Edo period Okada Museum of Art collection

Boasting one of the nation's leading oriental ceramic collections, this hotel is full of quality and quantity of Chinese, Korean and Japanese pottery. On the first floor, we will display about 160 pieces of Chinese ceramics including Chinese crafts such as bronzeware and jadeware, and Korean ceramics. On the second floor, you can enjoy about 200 varieties of Japanese crafts such as pottery and Japanese glass, as well as old Eri period pottery such as Old Imari, Old Kutani, Yodoemon, Nabeshima Yaki, and Kyoto Yaki.

Opening 5th Anniversary Exhibition Beauty Stars-Hikari / Wakasu-Hokusai ・ 品 and other famous products list ―
[Date] September 30 (Sun)-March 30 (Sat) 2019 9:00-17:00 (until 16:30)
<Kitakawa Kayo "Snow of Fukagawa"> Exhibition period: Sunday, September 30-Friday, December 28
<Wataru Ito “Peacock moth view”>
Exhibition period: Sunday, September 30-Wednesday, October 10 / Saturday, December 29-Saturday, March 30 2019

[Venue] Okada Art Museum
[Closed day] Monday, December 31, January 1 (Tuesday)
[Fee] General and university students ¥ 2,800, elementary and junior high school students ¥ 1,800
[TEL] 0460-87-3931 (Okada Museum of Art)

<Special event of the 5th anniversary of the opening>
5th Culture Promotion Program
Eki Fukui "Wind / Time" (Craz / Time) 2013 (2013)

As a special event of the 5th anniversary of the opening, I will invite Mr. Eki Fukui who is the author of the large mural "Wind / Ten" of Fengshin and Raijin, and ask the director of the museum, Tada Kobayashi, to talk about the details of the mural creation. After that, they performed live paintings on the theme of “Ryu”. Mr. Fukui's outdoor live painting is the first attempt in Japan.

[Date and time] October 14th (Sun) 13:00-15:00
[Place] Talk: 5th floor live painting: in front of mural (5th floor in case of rainy weather)
[Participation fee] free (access required fee)
[How to apply] Please let us know your name, number and contact information via telephone. The application will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
[TEL] 0460-87-3931 (Okada Museum of Art)

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    Okada Museum of Art

    The Okada Museum of Art opened in October 2013 in Hakone and Kogaya. As an indoor exhibition area with an area of about 5,000 m2 on the 5th floor, we have displayed about 450 works of art such as pottery and paintings from Japan and Toyo in a large hall that boasts the best in Hakone. The museum was designed with the wish of carefully protecting the works of art inherited in Japan, sharing the pleasure of meeting beauty, and wishing to pass it on to the next generation. The front of the museum is decorated with a 12 m long, 30 m wide, large-scale maze "Kaze ・ Time" (2013) drawn by a contemporary Japanese painter, Fukui Etaro. After viewing, you can enjoy a foot bath cafe with a 100% sink and a walk in the garden.

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