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New overseas musical "The American of Paris" of the theater company Shiki

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「Theatrical company Shiki Musical "American of Paris"」

(TOP image) Original London Company, Photo by Johan Persson

From 19th March 2019 (Tuesday), the new theater musical "The American of Paris" will be performed at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater <Hall>. The musical "American in Paris" won an Academy Award in 1952, and was inspired by the movie of the same name in which the Gershwin brothers' masterpiece song called "The Soul of American Music" was scattered. Choreographed and directed by Christopher Wealdon, who has worked on numerous ballet works such as Alice in Wonderland and the Winter Story as the Royal Ballet Artistic Associate, and premiered in Paris Chatelet in 2014 it was done. Entered Broadway Palace theater in 2015. At the same year's Tony Award, he received four categories: Choreography Award, Arrangement Award, Equipment Design Award, and Lighting Design Award. From March 2017 to January 2018, it was also staged at the West End Dominion Theatre.

The stage is Paris right after World War II. Adolescents dreaming of a new life in a war-torn city --- Jerry, an American veteran and a painter who wants to be a painter, also an American veteran, who aims to be a composer, Adam in France, France People Henri, and Parisienne of Ballerina, Liz. We express their love, friendship, and dreams with Gershwin's famous songs and imaginative dances. The height of the artistry is “the perfect blend of dance, romance, and classic Gershwin” (New York Times), “The Westside Story” has had the effect of making dance so overwhelming. Since then, "The Wall Street Journal" has received a lot of praise and praise.

The film "Americans of Paris", which still uses Gershwin Melody, which is still loved by many people, and the melody abundantly and is inherited as a masterpiece of a musical film. The musical "American in Paris" carries on the soul of this great work of art. A light of art and love that young people newly discover in the city of Paris damaged by war. Please look forward to a high-quality and sophisticated musical for adults that evokes deep emotions-the new work 'The American of Paris' in the four seasons of the theater company.

"" color: # 008000; " Theatrical company Shiki Musical" American in Paris "Yokohama performance
[Date and time] March 19 (Tuesday)-August 11 (Tuesday and Holiday) 2019
※ Time varies according to day. Please check from the official HP of KAAT.
[Venue] KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater <Hall>
[Fee] S Seat ¥ 11,880, A Seat ¥ 8,640, Side A Seat ¥ 8,640, B Seat ¥ 6,480, Side B Seat ¥ 6, 480, C Seat ¥ 3, 240, Side C Seat ¥ 3, 240, Standing Chair ¥ 3, 240
[Organizer] Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Arts and Culture Foundation, theatrical company four seasons
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