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Laugh, cry, laugh again ... Let's go to the “partnership” in Yokohama

Yokohama Nigiwai-za 
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The mirea editorial department sneaks into an art space!

Plenty of emotion in the downtown area! Touching popular performing arts in the popular area Noge
Yokohama turnout

A town in Yokohama that used to be gorgeous day after day, with banquets and playhouses. Based on the thought of inheriting this culture and the voice of “City Development with the Power of Laughter”, “Yokohama Nigiwaiza” was born in Noge, Yokohama, in 2002 as a special hall for popular performing arts. Have you ever visited a precious place where you can get close to popular performing arts such as rakugo, comics, and street performances?

The second director is the master Katsura Maru from Yokohama, who lives in Yokohama. It seems that the commemorative photo spot on the second floor with the Utamaru director's panel is popular regardless of age or gender. They will also lend you a coat and a folding fan, so please take one for your memory.

The 3rd and 4th floors are the main entertainment halls. Large, such as red and white lanterns and pier seats that create a feeling of occupancyA space that creates the atmosphere of a popular performing arts opens up.

There is a shop outside the hall where you can buy lunch boxes and sweets.

There is also beer and sake, and here at Yokohama Nigiwaza, it is also popular to bring food and drinks into the hall and enjoy the performance while having a cup! (Some performances may not be eaten or eaten)

I've been peeking through the stage & behind the scenes, so let me introduce you a little!

This is the actual stage. Because the skill of the niece's is amazing, I feel like I'm just drawn in, but it's wider than I thought.

And finally behind the scenes Infiltrate!

Do you know what this is doing? Actually, this is a drum that informs the opening of the stage sleeve. The sound of that taiko, which tells customers who are taking a break at the foyer and toilet in front of the entertainment hall, is about to be hit by the undercards.

You can check the entrance of the customer and the actual stage on this monitor.

Similarly, on the stage sleeves, preparations are made for the decoy that will be enlivened when Mikaya appears. Mr. Eiji appeared on the stage with the live music played in this way! It is a stylish production that you can feel when you are in the "table".

I also looked into the dressing room area. In what space are the performers waiting for their turn?

This is the dressing room. It looks neat and comfortable ~! "width =" 700 "height =" 467.25 "alt =" "class =" pict "/>
Western-style rooms are also available.

Now, what is this on the table set up in the hallways lined with dressing rooms?

A story book is placed in the hallway of the dressing room. It is written as “Easy roof multi-book” with a calligraph. What the performance “Sheet” has been written by the performers since the opening. On the day of the event, the performers will see what will be performed and who will do it. The performers on this day were also carefully confirmed about their previous material.

There's also something like this in the hallway.

Now, leave the dressing room, this time to the general information and information corner on the second floor. "width =" 700 "height =" 467.25 "alt =" "class =" pict "/>
In addition to ticket sales and facility reception, original goods are also sold here. In addition, the signatures of the famous nieces are on display!

As a permanent exhibition, materials related to popular performing arts and photographs of the old Noge neighborhood are also on display.

“Yokohama Nigiwaiza” is a venue for solo performances, first-person meetings, live music performances, and dance shows, as well as “Yokohama Nigiwai Attendance” centering on rakugo. It's perfect for laughing, sometimes laughing, and exercising with a tired heart! Please invite your family and friends to visit.

    Yokohama Nigiwaiza was born as a specialized hall for popular performing arts such as rakugo, comics, and street performance. A town in Yokohama that used to be crowded with banquets and playhouses. Yokohama is now a place where you can pass on tradition, enjoy the performing arts, and create new performing arts.

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