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Theater / dance
Socialist Theater Company · Flying Penguin Company Performs Three Short Shorts of 20 Minutes
空飛ぶペンギンカンパニー のぞきみ公演「短編集 踊る阿呆に見る阿呆」

A fellow Penguin company, a society's humanitarian company active in the center of Yokohama, which flew in 2013, will perform a short edition of three short shorts of about 20 minutes.

Performed in a taste of "peeping at" three of the two sexual performances "High Season", "Bud Bud", "Dog and Baumkuchen" that can be held in a single room. The performance time may be as long as 60 minutes, so you can enjoy the theater easily. Only the two, a secret space. Will you also "peep"?

Flying Flying Penguin Company Voyeur Show
"Funny to see in short editing dancing fantasy"
[Date and time] Saturday, December 22 – 24 (Monday, congratulation)
12/22 (Sat) 15: 00 ~ / 19: 00 ~
12/23 (Sunday) 11: 00 ~ / 15: 00 ~ / 19: 00 ~
12/24 (Monday · Holiday) 11: 00 ~ / 15: 00 ~
* Performing time is about 60 minutes each time. Childcare service available on 12/23 (Sunday) 11: 00 ~ times (reservation required beforehand).
[Venue] Wakaba Town Worf
[Cast] Kei Ito, Noritaka Kikumoto, Atsushi Matsubara, Yoko Watanabe (Flying Penguin Company), Asami Sato, Masaaki Nonaka, etc.
[Price] Advance ¥ 1,500, Same Day ¥ 1,800, Student (less than high school student) ¥ 1,000
[Organizer] Flying Penguin Company
[Ticket Sales] Reservation from here !
[TEL] 090 – 8809 – 5619 (Flying Penguin Company)

  • Area
    Yokohama Bay Area (Naka-ku and Nishi Ward)

Wakaba Town Worf

Yokohama's downtown, Wakaba-cho. It is Isezaki-dori, on the banks of the Ooka River, this is a dock for the cross-border. Building of 50 years building which leaves the Showa 's taste, finishing its function, quietly reproducing the building which tells the history of the town. "The hotel is boring only at an inn", "The studio is boring only at the studio", "Theater is boring just at the theater" ... From such thought,

A theater with an inn
A studio with a theater
A hotel with a studio

It was born in 2017 as an arts facility. It has accommodation facilities that anyone can use, as well as theaters and studios.

  • Shop / Place name
    Wakaba Town Worf
  • Address
    3-47-1 Wakaba-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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