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Exhibition depicting various mountains in and outside the country
企画展[ 葉祥明が描く大自然「Mountains —山からの風—」]

Hideaki Myeo is a typical style where one motif is drawn on the horizon / horizontal line. The style that feels the wind that blows through the grasslands, the oceanfront, and the wide sky gives the viewer a quiet. On the other hand, I draw a mountain that stands beyond the horizon, and I'm also handling works that convey the magnificence. In this exhibition, I will introduce "Mountain" that such leaves will be drawn. Starting from Mt. Aso in my hometown · Kumamoto, I draw a mountain in Japan, a mountain abroad, various mountains. Please see the works that paint powerfully and gently, the mysterious mountain shape.

Exhibition [Nature as drawn by Mr. Hideaki "Mountains – Wind from the mountain"]
[Session] November 17 (Sat) to January 18 (Fri) 2019
[Place] North Kamakura Hideaki Miyake Museum of Art
[Time] 10: 00 – 17: 00
※ The last entry is 30 minutes before closing. The shop is open until closing time.
※ On Saturday, December 15, the opening hours for the museum's member events will be from 10:00 to 13:00
※ New Year's Holiday (December 30 – January 2) closed at 16:00
※ The end date of the exhibition closed at 16:30 for exhibition change
[Closed days] 7 days a week
※ We may occasionally close down due to bad weather due to typhoon · heavy snow etc., or traffic circumstances such as train cancellation.
[Admission fee] Adult ¥ 600 / elementary / middle school student ¥ 300
[TEL] 0467-24-4860
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<Special event>
Museum talk & autograph session by author Ho Shumi
A museum talk is a project to listen to the story of a writer · Mr. Hozumi Maki for each exhibition currently underway. After the end of the talk, you can take a commemorative photo with Hozumi Maki in addition to the autograph session.
[Date and time] January 12, 2019 (Sat) 14: 00 – 15: 00
[Place] North Kamakura Hideaki Miyako Museum
[Rate] Admission ticket fee only
* Reservation unnecessary (Please note that it may be standing at times of congestion.)

  • Area
    Kamakura Area

Kita Kamakura Hideaki Miyake Museum of Art

You can see Hyeomi Ming's watercolor paintings, oil paintings, drawings, autographed words and picture books dealing with various themes.
Spacious green grasslands and blue sky full of transparency, plus depicted houses and trees, people, animals .... The style that Mr. Tanashi Yanase tells "drawing the air" gathers the support of many people, still delivers the wind to the heart of the viewer, makes me feel kind.
About 80 of these original works are displayed at all times at the hotel, 6 times a year in the permanent exhibition room on the 1st floor, and 4 seasons in each room on the 2nd floor. In the garden there are six big "American maples" and a garden in which white hydrangea and white roses bloom every season, inviting visitors to the world of picture books. It would be great if you could heal the tired heart through a number of beautiful original drawings, through a number of words and spend a peaceful time.
[4th picture image] "Spring Wind"
[Access] 7 minutes walk from JR Yokosuka line Kitakamura station

  • Shop / Place name
    Kita Kamakura Hideaki Miyake Museum of Art
  • Address
    Kanagawa prefecture Kamakura-shi Yamauchi 318-4
  • Business Hour
    【Opening Hours】 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 Everything N / A 【New Year's Holiday (December 30 - January 2)】 10: 00 - 16: 00
  • Parking Area
    One passenger car
  • Average Usage
    【Admission Fee】 Adult ¥ 600 / elementary / middle school student ¥ 300