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Exhibition recital listening to famous songs by violin by Gan · Shugun
リューテリア・ガン メイドのヴァイオリン鑑賞リサイタル

Violin workshop "Lutelia · Gun" Representative recital with the violin masterpiece to listen to instruments produced by Gun Shugun. You can enjoy the story behind the musical instrument, the work of the violin craftworker with the author Gank · Shugun 's talk. Please enjoy the tone of the violin produced by a famous writer who will become the masterpiece of the future in life.

Lutelier · Gun Maid's Violin Appreciation Recital
[Date and time] March 2, 2019 (Saturday) 13: 30 ~ (opening 13:00)
[Venue] Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall Public Relations Office
[Appearance] Gang Shugang (Violin Production), Makoto Tamako (Violin · Commentary), Yamaguchi Maohiro (Piano)
[Songs] Claudor: Love's sorrow, love's joy, Vijnowski: Legende (legendary song) Op.17, Scherzo-Tarantella Op.16, Paganini: La Campanella, Bach: Chaconne "No accompaniment violin Partita No. 2" From Frank: Violin · Piano Sonatas A major
[Rate] General ¥ 3,500, Student ¥ 2,000
[Organizer] Forest Hall Concert
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[TEL] 090-8847-7886
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※ The tune may be changed. Please note.
※ Please refrain from entering preschool children.

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Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Kawasaki City has long supported the industry as an industrial city, but as the industrial structure has changed, Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall was born in 2004 as a symbol that Kawasaki city will transform into a cultural city. And, being valued to be proud of the world's leading acoustics, it has contributed to the "town development by music" that Kawasaki City can advance, such as establishing the position as a music hall of fame where performances by prominent orchestras are performed. Also, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, which has a franchise alliance with Kawasaki City, is based in the Musa Kawasaki Symphony Hall, including daily rehearsals, and creates and transmits music art as a top runner in Japan.

Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall provides excellent acoustic environment that maximizes the potential of the performer and welcomes all those who come to the hall with full heart. In addition, as a representative cultural base of Kawasaki city, we aim to become a "hut" that serves as a "seat" for dissemination and exchange of music culture with hands with orchestras and musicians of various genres.

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    Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
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    Yes (Paid) 【Number of accommodated units】 343 units 【Opening Hours】 24 Hours 【Hours / Rates】 7: 00 ~ 24: 00 (Every 15 minutes) ¥ 100, 24: 00 ~ 7: 00 (Every 60 minutes) 100