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Let's look at the starlit sky observation "Subaru" and "Orion great nebula" in February
2月の星空をみよう! すばるとオリオン大星雲をみよう!

Is a popular event held at Makin Children's Space Science Museum, a starry sky observation society. Using the astronomical telescope in the front garden of the science museum, we will see objects such as the moon and planets, nebulae, clusters and galaxies. In this time, we will see the star gathering · Subaru, the place where the star is born · The big Orion Nebula with the astronomical telescope.

Let's see the starry sky in February! Let's see Subaru and the Orion Nebula!
[Date and time] February 2, 2019 (Saturday) 19: 30-20: 40
[Venue] Magino Children's Space Science Center front yard
There is no projection of the planetarium.
[Subject] Everyone (accompanied by parents below junior high school students)
[Capacity] 150 (of which 20 regular regular admission tickets WEB membership frame)
[Registration fee] Free (Please present printed election mail or winning postcard at 1F information on the day)
[How to Apply] Advance application at the official website "application form" or a round-trip postcard (Makin Kodomo Space Science Museum "Let's see the starry sky on February 2!"). Up to 5 people can apply simultaneously. Please specify the following details.

(1) Name of event / date of participation, (2) representative name · furigana, (3) number of participants · age of all participants (small, middle and high school students enter grade), (4) postal code · address , (5) Telephone number
[Deadline] January 19, 2019 (Sat) must arrive
A questionTogether] TEL.045-832-1166 (Makin Kodo Space Science Museum)
※ It will be canceled in case of rain or cloudy weather. Whether the event is held or not will be posted on the official website around 17:10 on the day and we will inform you.
* Please inquire after 17:10 for the inquiries by telephone about the availability of the day.
※ If the weather suddenly changes, it may be canceled immediately before the observation meeting or in the middle of the observation meeting.
※ Parking garage can not be used after 17:00 on the day. Please use public transportation.
* Weather may change depending on the weather.
※ The lottery result will be notified regardless of the result.
※ "Participation Notification" is required for participation. If you do not receive the breakdown by the previous day, please contact the hotel though excuse me.
* Return postcard posting Please write the address and name of the representative's address on the front side.
* In case of application with round-trip postcard, the next application will be invalid, so please be careful. Also, we can not return the postcard.
· When it is written with a ballpoint pen that disappears · When multiple recipients post multiple postings and multiple event dates · When there is insufficiency or incompleteness in the contents filled in · In case of a postcard other than a postcard (such as a one-way postcard) If you send us
※ We are unable to receive round-trip postcards where postage is insufficient.

  • Area
    Yokohama City (excluding the Bay Area)

Makin Kodomo Space Museum

The entire building, from 5F to B2, has a spaceship as its motif.
Each floor has its own concept, the "spacecraft chief room" that spans the universe's spread, the "space discovery room", which is full of the magic of Kaminari and Aurora, the "moon jump" and "space movement unit" popular "universe Training room "and other experienced exhibits are abundant. From children to adults, you can experience themselves and experience the mysteries of the universe and science while having fun playing.

5F At the Captain Theater, "Science Show" that allows familiar with science using familiar things is held on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

In the space theater, you can experience the powerful image spreading throughout the dome of 23 m in diameter and the universe full of realism creating realistic beautiful stars. We have programs to enjoy from small children to adults. We will explain the starry sky by staff for about 15 minutes with all programs.

Other, holding a starry sky observation meeting about twice a month. Under the real starry sky, I will explain the stars and observe with the astronomical telescope.

【Admission fee】
Adult 400 yen, elementary and middle school student 200 yen
【Space Theater (Planetarium) Admission Fee】
Adult (over high school student) 600 yen, dwarf (over 4 years junior high school student) 300 yen
* Children under 3 years are charged for using the seats.
* Entry fee is required even if you are only using the space theater (planetarium).
※ Group fee applies to over 30 people charged.

  • Shop / Place name
    Makin Kodomo Space Museum
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  • Address
    Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 5-2-1 Hirokidai

    Makin Kodomo Space Museum
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    9: 30 ~ 17: 00 (Last entry is until 16: 00) 【Closed: 1st and 3rd Tuesday, New Year's holidays, temporary closed
  • Parking Area
    Yes (about 70 passenger cars / 700 yen once) * Parking fee is free when presenting a notebook by using a wheelchair.
  • Reserve
    ※ Group fee applies to over 30 people charged.