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(伊勢原市)[大山阿夫利神社 節分祭]

(Isehara)[Oyama Afuri Shrine Setsubun Festival ]

Oyama Afuri Jinja(shrine) 

Setsubun marks the changing of the seasons. In the traditional calendrical cycle, it was held four times a year for the first day of spring, summer, fall, and winter, but today, only the spring component remains. The day before the first day of spring in February (according to the traditional lunisolar calendar) is celebrated by tossing beans as a rite of purification.
The event is very popular, and the beans are also likened to a “great treasure” cast about for the fortune of shrinegoers. The event also includes a unique float dedicated to archery, tossing of ceremonial beans, and blessing parishioners with an ornament made of golden coins.
The bean-tossing event is held in the morning and afternoon. The morning session is for the lay public, and they solicit people to host the proceedings. If you are interested in taking part as a shrine volunteer, you can contact them directly. The afternoon session is for members of political and business circle and the arts, and celebrities take charge of hosting the rituals.


Oyama Afuri Shrine Setsubun Festival
[Date]Generally held on February 3rd
[Place]Oyama Afuri Shrine (lower shrine)
[Participation costs]Free
[TEL]0463-95-2006(9:00 AM-5:00 PM)

It is said that it was founded more than 2,000 years ago, and it is an old shrine that is also a Shikinai shrine. During the Edo period, Oyama pilgrimage was very popular, and while the population of Edo was said to be one million, it was said that 200,000 people visited every year, and it became the subject of ukiyo-e, rakugo, and Kabuki. In recent years, Oyama pilgrimage has been certified as a Japanese heritage site, and the view from Afuri Shrine has been introduced as a two-star Michelin Guide, attracting attention in terms of culture and tourism.
<Access> From Isehara Station on the Odakyu Line, get off at the end of the Kanagawa Bus bound for Oyama Cable → Immediately after the end of Oyama Cable Car

  • Address
    355 Oyama, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    [Weekdays] 9:00 to 16:30 [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 9:00 to 17:00 (according to the business hours of the cable car) Open all year round
  • Parking Area
    Please use the municipal parking lot.
  • Reserve
    Inquire by phone
  • Average Usage
    Free admission (prayer fee not included)