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Enjoy Strolling Kamakura in Japanese Dress<Ensemble>


This kimono rental space is located in the ancient capital of Kamakura, a city suited to kimono.
It has a convenient location just three minutes on foot from the East Exit of Kamakura Station and offers a lineup of fine kimono not usually found in rental shops, including those with retro, chic, modern, and classic designs.
* This shop handles primarily vintage kimono. If you have concerns about fit due to your height, please consult with the shop ahead of time.
Enjoy Strolling Kamakura in Japanese Dress<Ensemble>

* Autumn Through Spring Plan: Starts at ¥4,300 (For Men: Starts at ¥3,500)
* Summer Plan: Starts at ¥3,500 (For Men: Starts at ¥3,000)

  • あんさんぶる

Ensemble started with the concept of wanting you to enjoy high quality kimono even if you rent it. The kimonos we have prepared are all items that you cannot meet with ordinary rental kimonos that are carefully selected one by one. Retro, stylish, modern, classic patterns ... Please enjoy the original coordination that suits your personality.

  • Address
    1-3-7 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Katano Building 2F
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    9: 30-18: 00