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Introduce three artists related to Shonan that draw small dots and thin lines

Fujisawa City Art Space Holding period: 2010.02.09-203.03.21
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「Fujisawa City Art Space 2020 Planning Exhibition IV "Space of Points and Lines"」

(TOP image) Nozomi Watanabe "OBSERVER" 2016

We introduce three artists related to Shonan, who combine many small points and thin lines to express nature, such as light, mountains, and stars, and the universe.

Minako Ishikawa expresses the atmosphere by changing the color tone of paint little by little and drawing many lines. The gradation of blue that is created by the accumulation of detailed work looks like endless sky and sea, and the iridescent spectrum is reminiscent of the light that shifts.

Yohei Imamura creates three-dimensional mountains and geometric patterns through silk screen printing. After spending thousands of times and effort printing over thousands of times, the ink deposits like a stratum, and a mountain surface full of undulations appears. In this exhibition, a printing stand will be set up at the venue, and plans to show the work of Imamura will be made public.

Nozomi Watanabe sees the surrounding objects in the starry sky, and examines the relationship between the universe and humans through photography, images, and installations. A work in the palm of your hand will bring us to a rich world open by shifting your point of view.

Enjoy the majestic universe of tiny dots and lines.

Minako Ishikawa "Line_Blue" 2011

Fujisawa City Art Space Planning Exhibition IV
"Space of points and lines" [Date] February 9 (Sat)-March 21 (Thu, Holiday) 10:00 to 19:00 (until 18: 45)
[Venue] Fujisawa City Art Space
[Closed day] Monday ※ Opened on February 11 (Mon, Holiday) and closed on the next day (Tuesday).
[Exhibitor Writer] Minako Ishikawa, Yohei Imamura, Nozomi Watanabe
[Charge] Free
[Organizer] Fujisawa City, Fujisawa City Board of Education
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