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20,000 tulips and light up in bloom on Enoshima


「Shonan's gemstone 20,000 tulips flowering & light up」

When Shonan's winter is fine, it becomes warm and pakapoca reminiscent of spring. At this time, 20,000 winter tulips bloom at the same time, and the hall lights up with lights up at night.

Shonan jewelry
20,000 kinds of winter tulip flowering & light up
[Date and time] Late December 2018-Late January 1919 9:00-20:00 (final entry 19:30)
※ Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays until 21:00 (final entry 20:30)
[Place] Enoshima Samuel ・ Cocking 苑 Entrance Square
[Price] Enoshima Samuel ・ Cocking ・ Adult ¥ 200 Dwarf ¥ 100
[Organizer] Shonan Gems Executive Committee
<Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.> 0466-24-2715 (9:00-17:45 weekdays)
<Fujisawa city sightseeing center> 0466-22-4141 (8:30-17:00)
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  • Place
    Enoshima Samuel ・ Cocking Fort

    A botanical garden full of southern country mood with a Japanese-Western tradition derived from the British trader "Samuel Cocking" of the Meiji era. You can enjoy various flowers and plants every season.
    You can also enjoy Fujisawa City and its sister city, Kunming, China's "Shanghai", and "Matsumotokan," which features a ridge wall of Nagano Prefecture and Matsumoto City.
    * The Samuel Cocking Greenhouse Basement is open to the public during Enoshima Flower Festa.
    <Access> Odakyu Enoshima Line "Katase Enoshima" station get off 20 minutes on foot / Enoshima Electric Railway "Enoshima" station get off 25 minutes on foot

    • Shop / Place name
      Enoshima Samuel ・ Cocking Fort
    • Address
      Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawa City Enoshima 2-3-28
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      9:00-20:00 (Final entrance 19:30) ※ Business hours may be extended even on weekdays. ※ We operate on a day-to-day basis, but please be aware that we may cancel the business to ensure your safety during stormy weather.
    • Average Usage
      Adults ¥ 200 / Dwarfs ¥ 100