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(Fujisawa)[Enoshima Lanterns]


The area spanning from Enoshima to Enoshima Iwaya Cave is covered in 1,000 lanterns that convey a distinctly Japanese mood. The lanterns are decorated with designs inspired by the legend of the heavenly nymph and five dragons, a piece of folklore that traces its roots to Enoshima.


(Fujisawa)[Enoshima Lanterns] (Fujisawa)[Enoshima Lanterns]


Enoshima Lanterns
[Date]Generally held from the beginning of August through August 31 (illumination from 6:00-8:30 PM)
*The Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden and Enoshima SeaCandle are open until 8:00 PM (doors close at 7:30 PM); the Enoshima Iwaya Caves is open until 7:30 PM (doors close at 7:00 PM)
*Cancelled in the event of inclement weather
[Place]Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, Enoshima SeaCandle, Enoshima Shrine, Enoshima Iwaya, Enoshima Information Office, Enoshima Katase Subanadori, Ryuko-ji Temple
〈Directions〉10 minutes’ walk from Katase Enoshima Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line, 15 minutes’ walk from Enoshima Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway, 16 minutes’ walk from Shonan Enoshima Station on the Shonan Monorail
[Price]Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden: adults, 200 JPY; children, 100 JPY
〈Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden〉adults, 200 JPY; children, 100 JPY
〈Enoshima SeaCandle〉adults, 300 JPY; children, 150 JPY
〈Enoshima Iwaya Caves〉adults, 500 JPY; children, 200 JPY
[Hosted by]Enoshima Lantern Executive Committee
〈Enoshima Electric Railway〉0466-24-2715(weekdays, 9:00 AM-5:45 PM)
〈Fujisawa Tourism Center〉0466-22-4141(8:30 AM-5:00 PM)

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  • Enoshima

Within 3 minutes from Minato Mirai station (Minato Mirai line) or 4 minutes from Sakuragicho station is Yokohama station (the main and the biggest transit point of Kanagawa area), transfer to Tokaido Line and in 29 minutes you'll arrive in Fujisawa. With the next transfer to Odakyu Line in 7 minutes you'll reach the destination point - a famous and popular Enoshima island. The island offers a variety of attractions, including the beauty and majesty of Shonan ocean line, a big aquarium, Enoshima shrine, observation tower, park and caves, a romantic ride on Enoden line... . As well as the delicious SHIRASU DON (rice topped with small sardines) - one of the most famous and popular dishes of Kamakura and Enoshima areas.

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    Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture