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"SHIRAI's CAFE" The long-awaited sixth guest is musician ROLLY!

KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Date: 2010.03.30
11 days to hold

「KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater Artistic Director's Talk "SHIRAI's CAFE" "Seriise Cafe Vol. 6 Guest: ROLLY (Musician)"」

A new project "SHIRAI's CAFE" by KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater Artistic Director and Kei Shirai that began in the summer of 2017. Shirai, who is also familiar with music, welcomes musicians with connections, offers guests a chat and talks with Shirai, and while holding a song of Shirai himself, a talk session where you can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere, the long-awaited first It is six bullets.

Guest of this time is ROLLY who is active in various fields such as rock, chanson, jazz, classical music, drama, story-telling, lyrics, composition. In addition to appearances in the music play "Sanbun Opera" directed by Shirai in 2007, he also worked on lyrics. We welcome Mr. ROLLY as a guest, chat with Shirai, and enjoy a session with music while drinking a drink.

KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Artistic Director Talk
"SHIRAI's CAFE" Sirise Cafe Vol. 6
Guest: ROLLY (musician)
[Date and time] March 30 (Sat) 15: 45-16: 45
[Venue] KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Atrium
[Cast] Shirai Akira (KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater Artistic director / director / actor), ROLLY (musician)
[Charge] Free (no advance application required)
[Organizer] KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater
[TEL] 0570-015-415 (Ticket Kanagawa / 10:00 to 18:00)
* The official site of KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater is here !

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    A facility dedicated to performing arts such as theater, musicals and dance. We invite actor / director Mr. Kei Shirai to the artistic director and create and transmit excellent performing arts works such as theater, musicals and dance.

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