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Dog event "Yokohama Dog Week 2019 spring" where "town" of Yokohama becomes meeting place!

「Yokohama Dog Week 2019 Spring」

Yokohama Dog Week was held in the spring and summer of 2018 in the spring and summer on the theme of "town friendly to dogs and Yokohama."

It was a great success, attracting 23,000 dog dogs and 10,000 dogs at both events. And, in 2019, we power up and "Yokohama dog week" is back!

"Yokohama Dog Week 2019 Spring" is the four venues appearing in the Yokohama Bay area according to the concept, SEA BASS for marine transportation and Yokohama Municipal Bus which can be taken only with Japan's first lead, connecting the venues, and their own It's an event that you can enjoy the whole town, going out with your favorite dog at a place that suits your lifestyle.

"Garden necklace Yokohama 2019 spring" is also being held during the exhibition period.

Isn't it best to enjoy Yokohama with flowers in a walk around town and walk with your dog?

Yokohama Dog Week 2019 Spring
[Period] April 13 (Sat)-21 (Sun)
2 Yokohama Bay Quarter
3 Pancake Ristorante
④ Pacifico Yokohama Rinko Park "MARINE DOG PARTY"
Held April 20 (Sat)-21 (Sun)
[Special Sponsorship] Anicom General Insurance Co., Ltd.
[Venue traffic] SEA BASS by Port Service Co., Ltd. / Yokohama City Bus
[Organizer] Yokohama Dog Week Executive Committee
[Support] Yokohama City / Yokohama Port Promotion Association
[Planning] Yokohama Dog Week Office

  • Area
    Yokohama Bay Area (Naka Ward / Nishi Ward)