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“An encounter with the unknown” between four active writers and a collection of works?

Yokohama Museum of Art Holding period: 2010.04.13-2010.06.23
Ends in 33 days

「Yokohama Museum of Art 30th Anniversary Meet the Collection — Art, People, Art Museum」

(TOP image) Reiko Tanaka "work 67E" 1967 Yokohama Museum of Art collection © Kanayama Akira and Tanaka Atsuko Association

Over 300 works from the Yokohama Museum of Art collection will be displayed in one shot using all the exhibition rooms. We invite Tsukasa, Yusuke Asai, Ikazu Imazu, and Shio Kashiwagi as guest artists, and create a meeting place for works (Meet) by arranging them with a collection.

Rene Magritte "The Museum of the King" 1966 The Yokohama Museum of Art

Kiyotaka Kashiwagi "Shunsuke" 1951 The Yokohama Museum of Art

Yokohama Museum of Art Opening 30th Anniversary
Meet the Collection — Art, People, Art Museum
[Date and time] April 13 (Sat)-June 23 (Sun) 10:00 to 18:00 * Every Friday and Saturday until 20:00 (30 minutes before admission)
[Venue] Yokohama Museum of Art
[Closed day] Thursday (However, May 2nd will be open), May 7 (Tuesday)
[Charge] General ¥ 1, 100, university high school student ¥ 700, junior high school student ¥ 500, elementary school children and younger free, 65 years old or older ¥ 1,000 (certificate required, only available at museum ticket office), person with disability certificate and care One (1 person) free, June 2 (Sun) free
[TEL] 045-221-0300 (Yokohama Museum of Art)
* The official site of Yokohama Museum of Art is here !

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    Yokohama Museum of Art

    Yokohama Museum of Art opened to the public on November 3, 1989. It is one of the largest art institutions in Japan. With its iconic architecture, featuring the expansive space of the Grand Gallery, the museum is made up of a total of seven gallery spaces, as well as an Art Information and Media Center that holds over 110,000 art-related books, ateliers hosting a wide range of workshops for children and adults, and many other facilities.
    Located in the international seaport city of Yokohama, the museum focuses on collecting and showing modern and contemporary art created since the late 19th century, when the port of Yokohama opened, alongside many special exhibitions.

    The outward appearance:KASAGI Yasuyuki / Grand gallery:KASAGI Yasuyuki / Exhibition hall:TANAKA Yuichiro

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      Yokohama Museum of Art
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      Minatomirai 3-4-1, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

      Yokohama Museum of Art
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      From 10:00 to 18:00 (until 17:30 for admission) Closed on Thursdays and New Year holidays