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Schumann who has to listen right now. Saturday night elegantly

横浜市青葉区民文化センター フィリアホール Date: 2010.06.15
Only 23 days until the event

「Saturday Soiree Series "Meeting with the Goddess" Tomoyo Nakado "Schumann 300 Day Story" 1st The colorful story-Characters who decorate the fantasy」

(TOP image) Ikuyo Nakado (Piano) © Kiyotaka Saito

The next area of pianist and Nakayo Tatsuyo is Schumann, a composer whom she says "origin". Enjoy a piano song full of personality and romanticism, born in a turbulent life.

Saturday Soiree Series "Meeting with Goddess"
Nakayo Yoshiyo "Schumann 300 Days Story"
The first colorful story ~ Characters who decorate the fantasy
[Date] June 15 (Sat) 17:00-
[Venue] Aoba Ward Culture Center Philia Hall
[Casting] Nakano Kayo (piano)
[Song] Schumann: Abegg Variations op.1, Carnival op.9, others
[Fee] S seat ¥ 5,000, A seat ¥ 4,000, student ¥ 2,000 (limited number of sheets)
[TEL] 045-982-9999 (Aoba Ward Cultural Center Philia Hall / 11:00-18:00)

  • Place
    Yokohama City Aoba Ward Cultural Center Philia Hall

    A classical music hall on the 5th floor of the main building of Aobadai Tokyu Square South-1. The hall room type uses a shoebox type without proscenium arch represented by the world's four largest halls, and from the scale of 500 seats, the audience and the stage are united, not only the sound but also the visual sense of intimacy You can enjoy the overflowing performance.

    • Shop / Place name
      Yokohama City Aoba Ward Cultural Center Philia Hall
    • Address
      Kanagawa Prefecture Aoba Ward 2-1-1 Aobadai Aobadai Tokyu Square South-1 Main Building 5F
    • TEL
      045-982-9999 (ticket center)
    • Business Hour
      11:00-18:00 (ticket center)