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A concert by Chopin Tsukushi invited by Akira Wakabayashi, a music seeker

戸塚区民文化センター さくらプラザ Date: 2010.05.10
50 days to hold

「Akira Wakabayashi Self Produce Chopin: All Piano Works Series Vol.」

(TOP image) Akira Wakabayashi (piano) © Wataru Nishida

A trip to Chopin, produced by pianist Ken Wakabayashi for three years, started its second year. With 170 years after his death in 2019 and 210 years his birth in 2020, "Piano poet" Chopin's famous songs are plentiful.

Akira Wakabayashi self-produce
Chopin: All Piano Works Series
Vol.6 Not only the piano I love
[Date] May 10 (Fri) 19:30-
[Venue] Totsuka Ward Cultural Center Sakura Plaza Hall
[Cast] Akira Wakabayashi (piano), Rieko Suzuki (violin), others
[Song] 4 mazurkas (No.14-17) op.24, piano trio op.8, others
[Fee] (all seats specified) General ¥ 2,500, Student ¥ 1,500
[TEL] 045-866-2501 (Totsuka Inhabitat Cultural Center Sakura Plaza)

  • Place
    Totsuka ward culture center Sakura Plaza

    Totsuka inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center Sakura Plaza responds to rising needs of people of inhabitant for "high-quality art appreciation opportunity" and "place of high-quality cultural activity", "hall with advanced directing function" A culture that combines “places of practice that can be used easily by wards” and “places of presentation with advanced content”, complete with “a gallery with high ceilings” and “a large practice room that can be used for diverse activities” It is a facility.

    A hall with approximately 450 seats equipped with the Steinway full concert piano (D-274), a rehearsal room that can be used for production, a gallery boasting the largest area and ceiling height in the city, and suitable for practice such as musical instruments and dance There are 4 practice rooms.

    • Shop / Place name
      Totsuka ward culture center Sakura Plaza
    • Address
      3F (Gallery) / 4F (Hall, Rehearsal Room, Practice Room) in Totsuka Ward General Government Building, 16-17 Totsuka Ward, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      [Opening hours] 9:00 to 22:00 [Regarding opening hours] 9:00 to 21:00 [Closed days] 2nd Tuesday of every month, 2 / August 2nd Tuesday, Wednesday, 12/29 to 1/3
    • Parking Area
      【Available time】 7:00 to 22:30 【Parking capacity】 100 【Parking fee】 (7:00 to 22:30) ¥ 200 per 30 minutes, (weekday) 8:45 to 17:00 The excess when the parking time exceeds 3 hours) ¥ 30 per 30 minutes, maximum price on the day (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays only) ¥ 1,800