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Introducing the charm of picture book writer Keiko Nishimaki based on original pictures

神奈川近代文学館 Period: 2019.07.20-2019.09.23
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「Special Exhibition “50th Anniversary of“ My One Piece ””」

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(TOP image) Ryoko Nishimaki “My One Piece” Original
© Kayako Nishimaki

Published in 1969 and centered on the picture book “My One Piece” by Reiko Nishimaki, loved for three centuries by the three generations of parents and children. ”And so on, and introduce the charm of Nishimaki's picture book drawn in a gentle line and bright colors based on the original picture.

Special Exhibition "" My One Piece "50th Anniversary Reiko Nishimaki Exhibition
-Like children, with children "
[Date] July 20th (Sat)-September 23rd (Mon / Holiday) 9: 30-17: 00 (Last admission 16:30)
* Closed on Mondays (open on August 12, September 16 and 23)
[Venue] Prefectural Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature 2nd and 3rd exhibition rooms
[Price] General ¥ 500, 65 years old or older / under 20 years old and students ¥ 200, high school students ¥ 100, junior high school students and younger free
* Free if you have a certificate for the physically handicapped, a notebook for love, a nursing notebook, or a welfare notebook for the mentally handicapped (please contact us for details).
[Organizer] Prefectural Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature, Kanagawa Literature Promotion Association
[TEL] 045-622-6666 (Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature)

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