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The monster twenty faces and Akechi Kogoro face brilliantly over "the most beautiful gem in the world"!

KAAT KANAGAWA ARTS THEATRE Holding period: 2010.09.14-2010.09.29
20 days to hold

「New Musical "Pokemon and Detective"」

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Big Kaito ・ Monster 20 Faces and Name Detective ・ Akechi Kogoro
We will face brilliantly over "the most beautiful gem in the world"!
Against the backdrop of the modern era of Showa, the finest entertainment works are born.

Big Kaito, a monster twenty faces and a detective, Akechi Kogoro. A new musical "Monsters and Detectives" where the characters appearing in the random boy works such as "The Juvenile Detective Series", with the two most famous characters from the history of Japanese literature created by the artist Edogawa Ranpo, bring on a brilliant confrontation .

Producing, writing and writing songs, is a leading Japanese songwriter, and a prominent player in the musical world, Yukiyuki Mori. The director is Kaori Shirai, director of art for the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, which attracts attention in the direction of topic works one after another. It is a monster that has the most beautiful gem in the world, "love", is a monster twenty-face or is a detective, Akechi Kogoro. Against the backdrop of Showa Modern, the finest entertainment products are born.

Performed by Yusuke Nakagawa, a musical star who fascinates people with one and two songs such as "Jersey Boys", and Hiroki Kato, who continues to star in large works such as "1789-Bastille Lovers-" and "Titanic" Performed in "Fan Home" and "Metal Macbeth disc 2", Reiko Ohara attracts attention as a next-generation musical diva. Competitors are both good and unique. In addition, the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has written down the theme music, and enlivens the confrontation of "Monster and Detective". Composed by Yuji Sugimoto of WEAVER who composed three songs including the theme song in "SONG WRITERS". Please look forward to the hottest new musicals delivered by Mori Yukinoya and Shirai Ai, who also formed tags in 2011 “GOLD” and 2014/2017 “Adams Family”.

June 8 (Sat)-General ticket sales start!
New Musical "Pokemon and Detective"
[Date] September 14 (Sat)-29 (Sun)
[The venue] KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall
9/14 (Sat) 19:00-
9/15 (Sun) 13: 00- / 18: 00-
9/16 (Mon) 14: 00-
9/17 (Tuesday) closed day
9/18 (Wed) 14: 00-
9/19 (Thu) 14:00 to 19:00
9/20 (Fri) 19:00-
9/21 (Sat) 13:00 to ◎ / 18: 00
September 22 (Sun) 13:00 to 18:00
9/23 (Mon) 14: 00-
Closed on Tuesday, September 24
September 25 (Wed) 14:00-
September 26 (Thu) 14:00-19:00-
9/27 (Fri) 19:00-
9/28 (Sat) 13:00 ~ / 18:00 ~
9/29 (Sun) 14: 00-
※ 30 minutes before the opening.
There is a childcare service for the times marked 印. Reservations and charges are required up to one week before the show. (Event childcare and mothers TEL. 0120-788-222)
[Closed day] 9/17 (Tuesday) · 24 (Tuesday)
[Draft] Edogawa Ranpo
[作, lyric, music production] Mori Yukinosuke
[Theme Music] Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
[Composition] Yuji Sugimoto (WEAVER)
[Music Director] Shima Ken
[Direction] Shirai Akira
Yasunori Nakagawa, Kazuki Kato, Reiko Ohara
Paddy Nobuo, Frank Reina, Takuya Ima, Juri Sakiho
Arikawa Makoto, Yamagishimon, Yoshiyama Nakayama, Kazuki Ishiga
Takahashi Yumiko, Hexagonal child

Ayato Saito, Masato Ishii, Nao Tsujii, Marie Tsujitani, Tetsuya Okubo, Sakiyoshi
Kenta Chaya, Rika Kato
[Charge] (all seats free) S seat ¥ 12,000, A seat ¥ 8,000, 24 years old or younger ¥ 6,000, high school student or less ¥ 1,000, silver (full age 65 or older) ¥ 11,500
※ Discounts under 24 are at the age of 24 under the show, on the day of designated seat replacement, required proof of ID, Pulste!
※ Discounts for high school students and below are handled at the time of show high school students and below, on the day of designated seat exchange, required proof of identification, ticket and phone calls and windows at Kanagawa.
※ Silver discount is required only for the required certificates, ticket and phone / window.
[Ticket sale]
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■ Ticket Pia (P code: 492-346) WEB reservation is here ! TEL. 0570-02-9980 (the first release special electric power), 0570-02-9999 (after June 9)
■ Ticket Kanagawa WEB reservation is from this ! TEL. 0570-015-415 (10:00 to 18:00)
[TEL] 03-3477-5858 (Parco Stage / Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00, Sun, Holiday 11: 00-15:00)
※ Please refrain from admission for preschoolers.
※ No commercial resale.
※ If you are planning to visit with a wheelchair, purchase a theater ticket (S ticket) in advance and purchase a seat number Parco Stage 03-3477-5858 (Mon-Sat: 11: 00-19: 00 / day. Please contact us early from 11:00 to 15:00). (The reception desk is until the day before the theater)
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