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A lot of events including movies, music and exhibitions! Festival of French culture and gastronomy

「Yokohama France monthly 2019」

"Yokohama France Month" is a festival of French culture and gastronomy that has been in place since 2005.

In "Yokohama France monthly 2019", during the period from Friday, July 7 to Saturday, July 13,
Events such as movies, exhibitions, music and gastronomic seminars are held while museums, movie theaters, art spaces, restaurants and companies in Yokohama city are collaborating.

Please come to Yokohama by all means at this time when the city is dyed in French!


Yokohama France monthly 2019
[Date and time] June 7 (Fri)-July 13 (Saturday) ※ Time, place, fee, etc. depend on the event
[Place] Museums, cinemas, art spaces, restaurants, etc. in Yokohama
[Organizer] Anstitu Francese Yokohama
[Co-organized] Yokohama City Arts and Culture Foundation
[Support] Yokohama City Culture and Tourism Bureau, (public interest) Yokohama Tourism Convention Bureau
Renault Japon Co., Ltd., Suntory Food International Co., Ltd.,
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yokohama Park, Vranken Pomery Japan Ltd.,
French wine shop La Vine, cheese shop Eurole
[TEL] 045-201-1514

※ The event will be updated from time to time!
"Yokohama France monthly 2019" official site is here !