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Theater and dance Course, workshop musics

Both adults and children are OK! A workshop where you can learn from professional Japanese musicians and Japanese dancers

横浜・櫻庵 Holding period: 2010.06.30-20.08.18
14 days to hold

「Everyone's Japanese music / Japanese dance」

A workshop that you can learn from Japanese musicians and Japanese musicians who are active in Yokohama. The venue is a modern Japanese and Western house, which has been the setting of Mr. Kibayashi's posthumous works and the movie “Daily, Good day”. Do you not touch harmony and traditional Japanese culture?

[Recommended for such people]
・ If you are interested in Japanese musical instruments or Japanese dance, but you feel that the threshold is high
・ If you are a child but you want to do it
・ If you used to be old but you have a blank and want to resume
・ Foreign people interested in Japanese culture

【Learning like this】
・ We can learn from the first steps of chopsticks, the shamisen, the first dance of the day
・ How to read score ・ Handling of fan

Everyone's Japanese music / Japanese dance
[Date] June 30 (Sun), July 7 (Sun), August 18 (Sun)
■ The first <箏> Sunday, June 30 14:00 to 16:00
■ The second <Shamseng line> July 7 (Sun) 14: 00-16: 00
■ The third <Japanese dance> August 18 (Sun) 14: 00-16: 00
※ Open at 13:30 each day.
[Venue] Yokohama, Sakai
■ The 1st <箏> Kanamori Masahisa (Ikuta-Ryushu Academy of Music majors), Shoko Murata (Professor of the Furukawa Euphemism Research Institute), Goto Masanaga (Ikuta-Ryushu Academy of Music Ruptures Daisen)
■ The second <Shamisu Line> Toon Sakamoto Gojiro (Toonkai Doujin)
■ The 3rd <Japanese dance> Fujima Takyo, Fujima Sakyo (Fujima area Kanto branch members, NPO corporation Japan Traditional Performing Arts Education Promotion Association "Musubi no Kai" dispatch lecturer)
[Object] third grade or above
[Capacity] The first: 箏 30 people, the second: Shamisen: 20 people, the third: Japanese dance: 15 people
[Charge] Each time adults ¥ 2,000, children (up to junior high school students ¥ ¥ 1,000, adults & children pair ¥ 2,500
※easyEquipment rental fee, including tea ceremony.
※ You can apply for multiple times.
[Ticket sale] Please apply by either of the following two.
1E ticket: Search by Peatix "Everyone's Japanese music / Japanese dance"
2 Fill in the required items by e-mail and fax, please transfer the price to the following account. After confirmation of payment, we will send you a numbered ticket.
Bank of Yokohama, Sugita branch average 6132098
[Organizer] Yokohama Gakuen Japanese Dancer Association
[TEL] 080-6752-4672
* The official site of the Yokohama Japanese Music National Dance Association is here !

  • Place
    Yokohama · Tsubaki

    A modern Japanese and Western house built in the Showa 30's, a spacious garden is planted with plums, cherry blossoms, summer mikan trees, etc., making it feel good old Japan. That is also the case, this is the location where it was used as the stage of the movie "Day to Day Good Day", which became a posthumous work by actress Mr. Kiriki.

    To commemorate the start of the workshop sponsored by the Yokohama Gakuen Japanese Dance Association, we decided to call this house "Ouan".

    • Shop / Place name
      Yokohama · Tsubaki
    • Address
      Idogaya Shimomachi, Minami-ku, Kanagawa Prefecture
    • TEL