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Hinoki fragrant Noh stage, 2,000 yen with commentary by first-rate enthusiasts!

Yokohama Noh Theater Date: 2010.06.09
19 days to hold

「Yokohama Noh theater popular performance "Yokohama Kyogando"」

(TOP image) "Child thief" (Izumi Iwuru) Nomura Manzo shooting: Kanda Yoshiaki

"Yokohama Kyogendo" held by Yokohama Nogakudo on the second Sunday of every month. With commentary, tickets for 2 songs of crazy songs specified at a reasonable price of 2,000 yen! From classic familiar crazy songs to rare songs that are rarely seen, even for those who are new to watching, for those of crazy voice fans in Japanese classical arts It is a content that you can enjoy a certain crazy words.

In June, it is funny that “Konusubi”, a funny figure in which a man who got into steals crawls a baby, and a daimyo, who likes a shuri (share), ask a shred for a new servant. We will send two songs from "Mr. Nomura" to the present.

Yokohama Noh theater popular performance "Yokohama Kyogando"
[Date] June 9 (Sun) 14:00-(Open at 13:00)
[Venue] Yokohama Nohgakudo
[Contents] Story Nomura Akirato, Kyogen "The Child Thief" (Izumi Iwaki), Ogasawara Minoru, Kyogen "Isosan" (Izumi Iryu) Nomura Banso
[Price] (all seats specified) ¥ 2,000
[Organizer] Yokohama Noh Theater (Yokohama City Foundation for Arts and Culture Promotion)
[Ticket reservation] You can purchase by phone, visit, WEB. WEB reservation is from the official site of Yokohama Nogakudo!
[TEL] 045-263-3055 (Yokohama Nohgakudo)

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    Yokohama Noh Theater

    An arts center for classical Japanese performing arts known for its high planning and production skills.
    Not only performances of classical Japanese performing arts including Noh,
    We also create new works through collaboration with foreign countries.

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      Yokohama Noh theater
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