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Musical ♬ with breakfast which opens in Yokohama from 9:30 am

The CAVE Date: 2010.05.26
5 days to hold

「Hand Made Morning」

How about breakfast × musical in Yokohama? We will hold a musical with a breakfast to be opened at 9:30 at 9:30! It will be a new sense of morning!

A cafe called "Merchen" that calls a rehearsal bird. There were two men who continued to go there for three months. The purpose of the two is to make the signboard girl "Ayodogawa Yoko" a thing. I want to spend time with my favorite people. A foulish love musical depicting love for young people.

Breakfast "Masaka House Breakfast"
Salt rice ball (Akitakomachi) / Kabuto miso soup / Akita's dish

Hand Made Morning
[Date and time] May 26 (Sun) 9:30 to 9 (Open 9:00)
※ The length of the stage is about 40 minutes.
[Venue] the CAVE
[作 ・ 作] Masaka Masa
[Casts] Hisanori Shimabara, Shota Nozaki, Hibiki Yamashita, Masashi Masaka, Chika Matsushita
[Charge] Adult ¥ 2,500, Child ¥ 1,000
* Breakfast will be served on all tickets.
[Organizer] OKAMI Planning
[Ticket application] You can apply from the ticket reservation form on the official site.
[TEL] 080-165-4406 (OKAMI Planning)
* Official site iscc; "href =" "> here !!

  • Place
    The CAVE

    It is a creative base that utilizes the space under the 90-year-old building in Isezakicho.

    • Shop / Place name
      The CAVE
    • Address
      1-3-1 Isezakicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Ise Building B1F